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Dirt Bike Racing

Dirt bike racing includes many different disciplines and series. The two most popular forms are Supercross and motocross followed by several other off-road racing disciplines including Grand National Cross Country (GNCC), National Enduro, Sprint Enduro, Big 6 Grand Prix, National Hare & Hound, West Hare Scrambles, EnduroCross, trials, hard enduro, and the World Off-Road Championship Series (WORCS).


Motocross racing takes place outdoors on natural-terrain tracks with man-made obstacles such as jumps, whoops, berms, ruts, and bumps. Most races consist of two motos that last anywhere from 12 to 20 minutes for amateur races and 30 minutes plus two laps for pro races. The two largest motocross racing series are the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross series, which takes place in the United States, and the MXGP series, which visits countries all around the world.


EnduroCross racing first came to the United States in 2004 as a one-round, winner-take-all championship at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas. Since then, it has grown into a series that visits several venues across the United States. “EX,” as it’s sometimes referred to, has a similar racing format to Supercross with heat races, a last-chance qualifier (LCQ), and a main event. The obstacles on the track include, but are not limited to, rocks, logs, water, sand, and tractor tires. A similar type of racing series takes place in Europe, called the FIM SuperEnduro World Championship.

  • Ty Tremaine

    Will race 2019 EnduroCross and WORCS series on a 300 RR Race Edition

    Beta USA recently announced the signing of Ty Tremaine, who will race a 300 RR Race Edition in the 2019 EnduroCross and WORCS series.
  • Shelby Turner

    The top 10, in photos, from Boise, round 6 of the series

    FMF KTM Factory Racing’s Kacy Martinez grabbed her fourth win of the season and her first Women’s EnduroCross title at the final round in Boise, Idaho.
  • Cody Webb

    The top 10, in photos, from Boise, round 6 of the series

    Cody Webb earned his third win of the season at the final round of the AMA EnduroCross championship in Boise, Idaho, and Colton Haaker won the championship.
  • Kacy Martinez

    The top 10, in photos, from Everett, round 5 of the series

    FMF KTM Factory Racing’s Kacy Martinez grabbed her third win of the season at round 5 of the 2018 EnduroCross series in Everett, Washington.


Trials is a form of motorcycle riding that is not based on speed, but rather on balance and finesse. In competitions, a rider is faced with a number of “sections,” usually 10 to 12 per loop, and is judged on the number of times he or she puts their feet down, which is called a “dab.” After a specified number of loops (usually three), the rider with the least amount of penalty points is the winner. The national trials series in the United States is the NATC/AMA US National MotoTrial Championship Series. The outdoor world championship series is called the FIM Trial World Championship, and the indoor world championship series is referred to as the FIM X-Trial World Championship.

  • know the sport

    Find out what the all-encompassing phrase "dirt bike racing" actually means

    Find out what the all-encompassing phrase "dirt bike racing" actually means.
  • Toni Bou

    Repsol Honda rider claims record 100th victory!

    Check out Toni Bou’s victory at round 4 of the 2018 TrialGP World Championship in Portugal.
  • beta trials

    First-time trials riders piloting Beta Evo motorcycles

    Beta USA invited us out to the MotoVentures facilities in Anza, California, to try our hand at trials for the first time.
  • Sherco USA’s Pat Smage

    Smage sweeps rounds 3 and 4, extending his lead in the championship standings

    Pat Smage continued his domination of the 2018 AMA/NATC US National MotoTrials Series by sweeping rounds 3 and 4 in Texas Creek, Colorado.

Mini Bike Racing

Minibike racing has its roots in backyard, small-sized motocross tracks where adults could enjoy riding and racing pitbikes. These bikes were usually heavily modified with parts from companies such as BBR Motorsports to handle the additional weight of an adult rider and the impacts of jump landings and the like. Pitbike racing gained recognition in the mid-2000s with the MiniMoto SX series, but it has since decreased in popularity and the series is no longer running. However, there are still plenty of adults and kids who race pitbikes for the fun of it.