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EnduroCross Live

EnduroCross Live Weekend


WATCH HERE live from Reno: Saturday, September 23. Main event starts at 7:45PM PST


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  • Get up to speed on who finished where at the Reno EnduroCross

    Cody Webb: “It was a long race so it gave me a long time to recover from a couple of mistakes. The track was really fun tonight and made for some great racing."…
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    How Does Bracket Racing Work?

    Check out the bar-banging, line-taking, all-out sprint racing that is the 2017 EnduroCross bracket racing.
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    EnduroCross racers and series employees give us an inside look.

    How many gallons of water are in the water pit? How many logs are used on a typical track? How do the riders get their bikes ready for the rigors of indoor, off-road…
  • Two-stroke motocross machine turned enduro beast.

    As one of the staple racers in the EnduroCross Series, Cory Graffunder is also one of the most mechanically inclined. Check out the race machine he built for himself.

Watch a replay of the opening Endurocross round from Las Vegas. The Super Endurocross Main starts at 2:13:00.

Up next Endurocross heads to Reno - September 23 - Reno, NV

New Bikes/Tests

  • Steward Baylor, Lead Belt Enduro 2017

    Thad DuVall finishes third with injured wrist

    Check out what happen at the Lead Belt National Enduro in Missouri.
  • Showdown: Moto and Cross Country Middle-Weights

    KTM versus Husqvarna isn’t out of the norm but we normally don’t compare moto bikes and off-road bikes. But, the cross country category is supposedly both.
  • It’s like a gateway drug to dirt bike riding.

    We all know that the first motorcycle most of us rode was a PW50 or CRF50F, but we still had to wait a few years for those. You can get a head start with a Strider and…
  • Here is the final report from this year’s Colorado 600

    Another successful Colorado 600 is in the books and it’s up to all of us to keep working with the TPA and other organizations to keep and grow trail systems.