YZ125 Cup SuperFinale Race Report

Young Yamaha superstars deliver sensational YZ125 Cup SuperFinale

YZ125 Cup Superfinale
Racers scoured through dirt to get the podium positions in order to get a spot for the three-day MasterClass with David Phillippaerts.Photo Courtesy of MXGP

The top young Yamaha MX-talent from national motocross championships across Europe put their YZ125 bikes to the ultimate test at the VELTINS-Arena in Germany on October 8, pushing to the limit in the YZ125 Cup SuperFinale in the hunt for glory.

The hopeful riders were aiming for a top six finish in the SuperFinale in order to secure a spot for the three-day MasterClass with the MXGP World Champion David Philippaerts, during which the riders will be guided and taught on all aspects that make a champion. However, to get to the SuperFinale the riders first had to qualify by successfully completing two practice sessions, and a Semi Final. The riders were split into two groups and the top nine of each were allowed through to the SuperFinal. The other riders had a final chance to qualify in the 'last change qualifying session' so ultimately 24 riders line-up behind the gates.

The tension rose as the gates dropped and the riders fought for the holeshot. A tangle at the first right hander spread out the field and it was the Dutchman Jeroen Bussink that led the way early on, with Frenchman Calvin Fonvieille right on his tail crossing the start finish line for the second time. There was more threat coming from behind, with Tim Edberg climbing up the ranking while the first two riders got caught up in a scrap for first place. The Swedish rider knew what had to be done and was on the case to chase down the leading duo and fought his way to second place. The fight between the chasing riders was enough for Bussink to make a break for it and create a gap of almost two seconds to fourth place.

Fonvieille pushed his YZ125 machine as much as he could, but a final battle with Edberg was inevitable. With the race leader getting held up by traffic in the final stages of the race there was no space between the two riders and it was anybody's guess who would take home the gold. The two riders fought their way passed back markers on the final lap as they approached the chequered flag. Edberg was determined to make a move at the last corner resulting in a brief touch between the riders, but it was Fonvieille who took the victory.

Following the race results, the riders who classified for the Masterclass are Calvin Fonvieille, Tim Edberg, Jeroen Bussink, Arvid Lüning, Nicolo Folli and Rasmus Holm. Hugo Johansson and Gervasio Canas will be joining today's top-six riders as wildcards during the upcoming event with Philippaerts.

Alberto Barozzi, Yamaha Motor Europe's MX Team Manager:"I think the biggest reward for us witnessing this amazing finale is the emotion inside and the pride in seeing the best of tomorrow's MX superstars in the making. We are very closely involved with the boys and it's a really exciting format that we are proud to be driving. I want to thank the organization because it was the first time to have motocross and supercross riders in one track and it was easy and safe for the YZ125 Cup riders. It was perfect, because the racing was exciting and without any incidents or problems, so I am very happy and I want to thank all who worked on this project to make this possible. Most of all I want to thank all the YZ125 Cup riders who took part and congratulate them for making it to this amazing finale. We, as Yamaha, hope it inspires others to get on two wheels and chase their racing dreams."

The Young Yamaha superstars deserved the podium positions after a spectacular YZ125 Cup SuperFinale
The Young Yamaha superstars were all deserving of podium positions after a spectacular YZ125 Cup SuperFinalePhoto Courtesy of MXGP

YZ125 Semi Final Group A: 1. Calvin Fonvieille (FRA, Yamaha), 7:37.912
2. Arvid Lüning (SWE, Yamaha), +0:05.044
3. Jeroen Bussink (NED, Yamaha), +0:10.003
4. Tim Edberg (SWE, Yamaha), +0:11.177
5. Max Schwarte (NED, Yamaha), +0:21.248
6. Nicolo Folli (ITA, Yamaha), +0:22.327
7. Flavio Wolf (SUI, Yamaha), +0:22.970
8. Tom Grimshaw (GBR, Yamaha), +0:32.036
9. Rag Rindal (NOR, Yamaha), +0:35.127
10. Janik Vogel (SUI, Yamaha), +0:40.890

YZ125 Semi Final Group B:
1. Rasmus Holm (SWE, Yamaha), 7:51.155
2. Hugo Johansson (SWE, Yamaha), +0:07.948
3. Gervasio Canas (ESP, Yamaha), +0:15.901
4. Anthony Calistri (FRA, Yamaha), +0:23.198
5. Francesco Bassi (ITA, Yamaha), +0:34.365
6. Hugo Arriazu (ESP, Yamaha), +0:36.721
7. Eskil Eriksen (NOR, Yamaha), +0:40.243
8. Ivan Lacuesta Martinez (ESP, Yamaha), +0:41.013
9. Ben Gosepath (GER, Yamaha), +0:46.270
10. Santeri Keranen (FIN, Yamaha), +0:48.745

YZ125 Super Finale top ten:
1. Calvin Fonvieille (FRA, Yamaha), 11:35.672
2. Tim Edberg (SWE, Yamaha), +0:00.688
3. Jeroen Bussink (NED, Yamaha), +0:12.646
4. Arvid Lüning (SWE, Yamaha), +0:13.265
5. Nicolo Folli (ITA, Yamaha), +0:34.964
6. Rasmus Holm (SWE, Yamaha), +0:38.410
7. Gervasio Canas (ESP, Yamaha), +0:42.295
8. Francesco Bassi (ITA, Yamaha), +0:49.138
9. Anthony Calistri (FRA, Yamaha), +0:51.569
10. Hugo Johansson (SWE, Yamaha), +0:56.129