What Really Happened: Washougal Motocross 2015

Round nine of the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Nationals at Washougal was a muddy one. Rain began to fall early in the morning on Saturday and never really let up until the second 450 gate dropped. With the already slippery surface Washougal’s dirt has to offer, rain only made it a snotty, slippery mess. The weather however didn’t dampen the racing as we saw intense battles in both classes on Saturday. Yamalube/Star Racing Yamaha’s Cooper Webb and Red Bull KTM’s Ryan Dungey were the big winners on the day.

250 Moto One

Geico Honda’s Christian Craig grabbed the holeshot and immediately worked up a six second gap only to have it diminished when he washed out in a slippery right hand corner. Cooper Webb took over the lead with KTM Red Bull’s Marvin Musquin hard on his heels. Webb’s bike started blowing smoke around the 20-minute mark and although it didn’t seem to slow the North Carolina native down it did let Marvin Musquin smell blood, which led him to Webb’s rear tire and make the pass for the lead. Both would never be more than a couple bike lengths apart for the remaining minutes of moto one and the rain soaked fans loved it. A bobble with a lapper might have caused Webb a last lap attempt on Musquin but the friendly Frenchman took the checkers with Webb noticeably upset finishing second. Behind them Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Arnaud Tonus put in a great ride to take third in his first ever Lucas Oil Pro Motocross moto, while Christian Craig took fourth despite having another tip-over. Aaron Plessinger rounded out the top five, while points leader Jeremy Martin overcame a bad start to finish ninth. Webb had a heated discussion with Musquin at the podium claiming Marvin was cross jumping him and he let him know that wasn’t going to happen again in moto two.

250 Moto Two:

Thanks to only a light rain, the track was much better for the second moto and when the gate dropped it was Jeremy Martin who shot into the lead, followed by Marvin Musquin and Cooper Webb, who wasted no time in passing Musquin and eventually Martin to take the lead. Martin lost a little time in the beginning of the race, but around the halfway mark Martin closed back up on Webb and started pressuring for the pass. When Webb put what appeared to be a block on Martin’s attempt to pass him, Martin swerved and just swooped around the outside and roosted off with the lead. Martin built a gap, but with two laps left he had a mistake and Webb and Musquin both went by. This handed the overall, and moto win, to Webb who was more than happy to take the gift martin gave him. Martin, who came in with a 19-point lead, took fifth overall and now leads Musquin by only four points going into Unadilla in two weeks . Podium finisher in moto one Arnaud Tonus had a good race going, running as high as sixth, but a mistake put him in twentieth at the checkers. Aaron Plessinger put in a great ride, going 5-4 four third overall—his first podium finish.

450 Moto One:

The Autotrader.com/JGR/Toyota/Yamahas of Justin Barcia and Phil Nicoletti seem to be holeshot machines as they were up front immediately. Barcia managed to squeeze out Nicoletti then proceeded to check out on his competition. In just four laps he had 15 seconds over Rockstar Husqvarna’s Christophe Pourcel and Red Bull KTM’s Ryan Dungey, who spent over half the moto battling over second. At the 20-minute mark Dungey made the move on Pourcel but by that time Barcia was long gone and Dungey seem to settle in for second in moto one. Barcia looks to be not only riding well but also having a great time as he was whipping his YZ450 over jumps and throwing one handers to the crowd! Ken Roczen with a bad start was eleventh after the first lap and had to work through the field. He ended up seventh after getting nipped by a charging Jason Anderson at the end of the race. Pourcel as usual was smooth as silk and recorded a third in moto one along with “Filthy” Phil Nicoletti getting fourth. Fifth went to Yoshimura Suzuki’s Blake Baggett after falling over early in the race.

450 Moto Two:

Justin Barcia’s JGR/Toyota/Yamaha YZ450F is a controlled rocket ship that nailed him another holeshot in moto two. This time Dungey and Roczen also got better starts and followed close behind chasing the New York kid. Dungey closed in on Barcia before halfway and look to have the pass in hand only to have Barcia find another gear and pull out four seconds on “The Diesel”. Roczen by this time was slipping away from the front two, as the German didn’t look to be quite comfortable on the Suzuki on the slippery terrain. With five minutes plus two laps left to go Barcia made a huge mistake and fell over in a off camber corner that gave Dungey the victory and a 2-1 for the overall. Visibly frustrated Barcia crossed the line in second with Roczen a few seconds back in third. Weston Peick came back from a horrible first moto to get fourth in moto two and the “Crafty Frenchman” rounded out the top five, which gave him third overall on the day.

Washougal Motocross 2015 Results:

450 MX

  1. Ryan Dungey (KTM) 2-1
  2. Justin Barcia (Yam) 1-2
  3. Christophe Pourcel (Hus) 3-5
  4. Ken Roczen (Suz) 7-3
  5. Phillip Nicoletti (Yam) 4-6
  6. Weston Peick (Yam) 12-4
  7. Fredrik Noren (Hon) 9-7
  8. Trey Canard (Hon) 8-9
  9. Blake Baggett (Suz) 5-12
  10. Josh Grant (Kaw) 11-8

250 MX

  1. Cooper Webb (Yam) 2-1
  2. Marvin Musquin (KTM) 1-2
  3. Aaron Plessinger(Yam) 5-4
  4. Christian Craig (Hon) 4-5
  5. Jeremy Martin (Yam) 9-3
  6. Jesse Nelson (KTM) 6-8
  7. Shane McElrath (KTM) 11-6
  8. Mitchell Oldenburg (KTM) 8-9
  9. Zach Osborne (Hus) 7-11
  10. Arnaud Tonus (Kaw) 3-20
Justin Barcia was the fastest rider on the day but a mistake cost him the “W”.Photo by Preston Jordan
Trey Canard had a decent day for his first race back, especially being that Washougal hasn’t been kind to the Oklahoma rider.Photo by Preston Jordan
Christophe Pourcel smooth style fitted the slippery Washougal surface perfectly and it got him on the podium.Photo by Preston Jordan
Ryan Dungey, Justin Barcia, and Christophe Pourcel was your 450 podium at Washougal.Photo by Preston Jordan
Ryan Dungey has now won seven out eight overalls at Washougal. Impressive!Photo by Preston Jordan
Cooper Webb’s overall win at Washougal in the 250 class didn’t come easy. The Yamalube/Star Racing rider had to work hard both motos to earn the top step of the podium.Photo by Preston Jordan
Marvin Musquin had a great day going 1-2 for second overall.Photo by Preston Jordan
Aaron Plessinger had his first career podium finish at the muddy Washougal round.Photo by Preston Jordan