VIDEO: Timbersled Snow Bike Step-Down

On Board Polaris’ Newest Wintertime Conversion Kit

Converting dirt bikes to work in the snow is not a new concept, yet most two-wheel enthusiasts are still largely unfamiliar with this technology. Of all the various brands who make snow conversion kits, Timbersled is the undisputed leader, both in terms of technology and market share. Now owned by Polaris, Timbersled has been focusing hard on development of its products, and the growing company gave us a great taste of its latest technology at a recent press event in Northern Utah.

Reagan Sieg is a former freestyle motocrosser who is now the top snow bike freerider in the world. This Canadian's raw natural talent and vast snowmobile experience has made him a perfect poster boy for what Timbersled machines can really do. In this video, Reagan coaches Dirt Rider Editor Chris Denison—a former freestyler himself—on how to successfully negotiate a natural-terrain step-down aboard a snow bike. As you'll see in the video, Reagan has some good tips for what to do, but ultimately it takes a blend of confidence, experience, and raw commitment to even begin to explore the capabilities of these machines.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that both riders in this video are experienced snow bike pilots, and doing things for the first time on any bike should always be executed with extreme caution and the watchful supervision of a qualified expert such as Reagan. Translation: Please do not go out and huck yourself down a mountain on a snow bike. Not only will be say that we weren’t responsible, but we’ll probably tell you that “we told you so” if things go wrong!