VIDEO: MSR's Jonny Walker Races The 2015 Tennessee Knockout

MSR’s Jonny Walker crosses the pond to take on some of the best off-road riders in the USA at the 2015 Tennessee Knock Out. Able to walk away with a Second place finish; Jonny was beyond stoked to compete in the USA and conquer this years challenging course. Check out the event footage for a first hand look at the challenging course.

2015 KENDA AMA Tennessee Knockout Enduro Race Results

  1. Cody Webb
  2. Johnny Walker
  3. Taylor Robert
  4. Mike Brown
  5. Cory Graffunder
  6. Kyle Redmond
  7. Colton Haaker
  8. Jordan Ashburn
  9. Ty Tremaine
  10. Max Gerston
  11. Grant Baylor
  12. Ricky Russell
  13. Mitch Carvolth
  14. Quinn Wentzel
  15. Wally Palmer