At WW Ranch Thomas Covington went 2-4 for 4th overall at the USGP in the MX2 class. Thomas Covington, the 3rd member of team USA for the MXON, wanted to show a good result at the USGP race in Jacksonville, Florida. We will take you throughout Thomas’ weekend at the new venue at WW Ranch.

Thomas Covington’s Rockstar Energy Husqvarna sat ready Saturday morning for the qualifying practices and race to set the field for Sunday’s MX2 race.Rob Koy
In the timed practice session Thomas turned a lap of 2:02.772 on lap 2 for the fastest time in the MX2 practice. Thomas was .613 seconds faster then 2nd place Pauls Jonass.Rob Koy
With the fastest time in the practice session Thomas had the 1st gate pick in the MX2 Qualifying Race on Saturday. The riders take their bike to the gate of their choice as the new metal grate has made the gate prep pretty much non-existent as the riders just clean the tires before the start.Rob Koy
Thomas pulled the holeshot and led the whole race to an impressive finish as he was 6.233 seconds in front of 2nd place Justin Cooper. Thomas also had the fastest lap of the race with a 2:04.779 time. The rest of the field was in the 2:05s to 2:06s range.Rob Koy
Sunday morning before the warm-up practice Thomas Covington checks in with his mechanic. They talked for an extended time before Thomas went to get geared up.Rob Koy
Thomas floats over the big single to the table finish line jump in the morning warm-up practice at WW Ranch. After a big rainstorm Friday night and the overcast day on Saturday, the sun finally came out on Sunday.Rob Koy
Thomas Covington and his mechanic start the gate pick procedure as Thomas had the 1st gate pick in booth Motos. It’s a little weird to see the rider do all the work pushing the bike and setting the bike in the gate at the MXGPs.Rob Koy
Thomas got off to another great start in Moto 1 but he had RJ Hampshire right with him in the opening laps. Thomas and RJ are very familiar with each other since they raced many times as amateurs.Rob Koy
Thomas held the lead for four laps and battled hard with RJ for the top spot as they raced down the Monster Energy hill.Rob Koy
Thomas held on to 2nd place and almost got by RJ Hampshire when RJ tipped over in a turn towards the end of the Moto.Rob Koy
Thomas finished the race in 2nd place only 3.63 seconds behind RJ Hampshire. Thomas was taking the outside line keeping his momentum up as the inside line started to get deep ruts as the Moto continued.Rob Koy
Thomas was credited with the holeshot in Moto 2 as Lawrence, Harrison, Hampshire and Jonass gave chase as they crossed the holeshot line in the 1st turn.Rob Koy
Thomas jumps passed the American flag as he hits the table top jump next to the Monster Energy hill. The American MXGP rider got the 3rd spot on team USA by emailing Roger DeCoster after learning that Eli Tomac decided he wasn't going to race the MXON. Thomas told Roger that Matterly was one of his favorite tracks on the MXGP circuit, and he has experience with the format.Rob Koy
The finish line jump at WW Ranch was pretty big as Thomas was above the MXGP suites that were lined behind the starting gate. Thomas held 2nd place behind RJ for the 1st 10 laps of the race.Rob Koy
Thomas floats over the Monster Energy hill in the late laps of Moto 2. Thomas lost 2nd place on lap 11 to the faster Suzuki duo Lawrence and Seewer. Thomas said the heat got to him in Race 2 as he stayed over in Europe over the break and he hasn't had to deal with the heat and humidity for a while.Rob Koy
Thomas finished the 2nd Moto in a disappointing 4th place and went 2-4 for 3rd overall at the USGP. Thomas Covington salutes the American crowd as he came out for the podium presentation.Rob Koy
Thomas Covington and his old amateur rival RJ Hampshire have some fun on the podium spraying the champaign at each other. Thomas has two MXGP races left in the next two weeks before he can get back on the 450 and get ready for the MXON. Thomas said that he feels really comfortable on the 450 and that he can get good starts and stay up front for the MXONs, and he is really thankful for the opportunity and hopes that he can make his country proud of him at Matterly.Rob Koy