High Roller Products Ultra Tiedowns Review - Dirt Rider Magazine

High Roller's latest solution for keeping your $10,000-plus machine safe in the back of your truck is the Ultra Tiedown, an aircraft-quality nylon strap with heavy-duty carabiner hooks on both ends. Thanks to a built-in soft tie, the Ultra Tiedown offers extreme security without marring your bike's handlebar, and the 2,000-pound tension strength is more than enough to make a full-size machine stay put. Available in red, blue or black, the Ultra Tiedowns sell for $39.95 per pair, and they can be used to stow anything from dirt bikes and ATVs to mountain bikes and coolers.

As far as hauling bikes is concerned, I felt these are truly the best set of tiedowns that money can buy. The simplistic design of the Ultras makes for maximum function without their being overbuilt, and the 1.5-inch-wide strap is more than strong enough to secure even a large adventure bike. About the only possible downside is that fastening bikes takes a bit more time than with a standard tiedown, as the design of the carabiner mechanism forces you to use a soft tie on the handlebar. Still, the carabiner can be attached to footpegs or bed anchor points quite easily, and High Roller even offers a traditional Stay Lock Tiedown with a hook at the top for those who don't care for carabiners on both ends. But when it comes to loading bikes, you'd be hard pressed to find a more secure system than the High Roller Ultra Tiedowns. Just make sure not to loan these puppies to your friends, because you will not get them back! - Chris Denison

Hard Parts 94.0
Installation 19/20
Function 48/50
Durability 9/10
Design 9/10
Price 9/10
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