ShotMaker Productions The Foundation: EnduroCross 2010 DVD Review - Dirt Rider Magazine

If you missed the 2010 EnduroCross series, $24.99 will get you the closest thing to a time machine short of a flying DeLorean. This DVD follows the action through all six rounds of the 2010 tour, taking a raw, boots-on-the-ground approach to documenting the action. Exclusive interviews with the pros, series-deciding passes and a bunch of really great riding segments highlight the documentary-style video, and while some portions seem to go on a bit too long, the action is nonetheless great to watch and easy to follow. Additionally, a different rider is profiled at each round, and there are some cool segments following the various EX stars through their practice regiments and race day schedules. Overall, I think this is the best EnduroCross DVD yet, and anyone who's a fan of this highly entertaining sport will get a kick out of watching EX from the comfort of their couch.-Chris Denison

DVD 87.0
Originality 18/20
Cinematography 25/30
Suitability for children 9/10
Entertainment 35/40 760.553.4286