ShotMaker Productions: Training Essentials DVD - Dirt Rider Magazine

The average racer doesn't have unlimited resources to dedicate to training, which makes it doubly appreciated when a good deal in fitness comes along. For $24.99-roughly the same price as a monthly health club membership-you can have off-road champion Steve Hatch give you the inside line on body performance through his new DVD, Training Essentials.With the help of his wife, Denise, as well as racers Taylor Robert and Kale Stately, racer-turned-trainer Hatch explains and demonstrates a number of cardio and strength training workouts, nutritional guidelines, mental tips and more that all apply to becoming a better rider. Using everything from Concept2 rowers to simply body weight, the workouts in this DVD are more than approachable for the everyday off-road or MX enthusiast. Much like a workout in the gym, Training Essentials can get a bit tiresome in the middle if you charge all the way through it, though the purpose of the video isn't to entertain, but to teach. I found it much easier to absorb the information when I watched the DVD in shorter chunks. In total, Training Essentials provides great information from a rock-solid source, and will most likely give you better gains in the long term than a month's worth of fitness dues applied toward your current program. -Chris Denison

DVD 84.0
Originality 17/20
Cinematography 16/20
Suitability for Children 10/10
Entertainment 32/40
Price 9/10