Alpinestars No Stop Trials Boots - Dirt Rider Magazine

Trials boots may be designed for a specific purpose, but like the trials tire, they can serve some other dirt biking tasks quite well. The $289.95 No Stop, compared to most boots, is very light and a bit shorter. It also lacks a lot of the heavy-duty protection of a true off-road boot. But it has a gummy knobby one-piece sole and the flexibility and fit of a good hiking boot with additional cushion in the sole. A three-buckle design uses a clip-in attachment, and ratcheting straps make a perfect fit simple. There is a plastic shin plate and sturdy plastic along the back of the boot to protect your leg, yet the ankle remains pretty flexible for a boot. The leather is high quality and durable. There is protection internally for the balls of the ankle, and the foot bed is pretty sturdy overall, as is the toe box.

So what, besides trials, are these boots good for? Well, if you're doing light-duty trail riding, maybe adventure touring or out where you're walking around a lot (trail work, sightseeing, maybe your bike breaks a lot?), these boots rule over anything that has more of a motocross build. The knobby sole can bug some riders because it hooks in so good on the footpegs, but that same sole will stick on rocks, roots and muddy ground way better than a slick sole. The real benefit, however, is the high-level comfort with the protection you just can't get in a hiking boot. I got the No Stop for trials (where they rule) and now use them a lot more than I ever thought I would. I minibike in them because the smaller upper makes sitting all cramped up easier, they are my trail work boots, or if we are out exploring on the adventure bikes, these are my go-to boots. They were previously available in white only, but now you can get black! -Jimmy Lewis

Gear 90.0
Style 18/20
Comfort 9/10
Function 47/50
Wash/care 8/10
Price 8/10