Troy Lee Designs GP MX glove - Dirt Rider Magazine

The TLD GP glove is a product that performs at great levels. The competition for gloves in the motocross industry sometimes can be over rated due to all the competing brands. Some gloves will fall apart on your first ride, some will last a small number of rides before they start to rip and give you blisters and some just do their job. The $34 glove does not just do its job but it will keep its great looks, it will actually protect your hands and perform better than expected. The GP glove fits your hand like second skin and it protects most rubbing areas from common blisters due to grip and glove friction.Some gloves feel like they are tight and need to be broken in, so you end up buying a size that fits right when you first try it on and then when you ride, it starts to break in and it stretches to a size bigger. That is why it's important to buy a glove that when you try it on, it fits you right and holds it's size and shape like the TLD GP glove. The palm surface of the GP glove is made out of leather that is light and durable and the backhand surface is covered with bio-foam that is breathable enough to keep your hands cool. Also, your backhand is protected from incoming debrief by silicone blocks that act as bumper armor. For extra gripping, TLD added silicone to the palm area that works great with the leather creating a Spiderman grip.

The wrist area on the glove is secured with Velcro that works really well by keeping dirt out of the inside of the glove and it maintains your glove in place to avoid any kind of slipping. What I really like about this glove, though, is that you don't have to break them in to be able to feel your bike controls on your first ride. These GP gloves have 10 hours on them and they still look pretty new. I machine wash them every other ride and try to always keep them dry so the leather doesn't accumulate odor.

Next time you go out to your local dealer looking for a pair of gloves, try on the TLD GP glove just to see how it fits and feels compared to the other brands and experience the difference for yourself. When a product looks great, feels great and is priced right, it's a product you must have and the Troy Lee Designs GP glove is a must have.