Champions At Play DVD - Dirt Rider Magazine

I had no problem finding the time to watch this DVD, or finding the motivation to show it to friends.This is good stuff with profiles of 12 champions on one DVD, and riding tips from each of the current racers and some cool stories about legend Malcolm Smith.When I say "profiles," that can sound a little boring, but what you see is the rider's garage, a bit of his home and family, plus special keepsakes; but those sections are interesting and edited pretty tightly. There is also great footage of each champion play riding/practicing. Since the champs are from all parts of the U.S., the terrain and riding are highly varied, but all exhibit great action. The second disc has one well-demonstrated and explained riding tip from each champion. Since the video is $24.99 and it features 12 champions, the riding tips on the second disc should cover the damage, and the first disc is just gravy. Any dirt rider-and especially off-road guys-will find a lot to like here. -Karel KramerSee your dealer