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Fast By Ferracci
Husky TC250 Pipe And Ignition

There may not be a lot of Husky 250s out there, but I'm sure every owner would like to see a little more snap and performance from his or her TC. FBF has a kit, consisting of a full-exhaust system and a dual-map ignition to get even more pizzazz out of the Italian mill. The $399 ignition bolts on in minutes, but the same is not true of the $549 pipe, which took some intricate moves to get the dual header around the frame downtube and lined up on the flanges. Yes, it needed almost an hour! But once on, the pipe tested at 98 decibels, a bit louder than stock but still easily passing the AMA sound limit. Once on the track you know you've bolted on some pretty impressive gains. We tried each component individually, and the increase was moderate, but together they really woke up the TC everywhere, especially in the mid and top, where the bike was already impressive. The TC now easily makes KTM power or better in the upper Rs, and it will dominate on a long start straight. We were hoping for more snap; one of the ignition curves, easily switched via a handlebar-mounted switch, definitely gives it a little boost down there, but it wasn't as much as we were hoping for and was definitely not in the league of the Japanese 250Fs. But I'm sure as soon as Eraldo Ferracci reads this he will be programming new maps to produce more bottom-end hit or have another combo in mind-the man knows how to tune. -Jimmy Lewis