Scorpion RaceCase Dirt Bike Helmet Protector - Gear Review - Dirt Rider Magazine


Typically, I'm a thrasher with my stuff. Since helmets look so good, even with the stock paint jobs, I need to have a way to protect my helmet during travel in my truck or motor home. The Scorpion RaceCase is the best example of this type of product I've seen. Since it's made with rigid foam, it actually protects the helmet better than a floppy soft case, particularly the visor (especially since I'm way too lazy to take it off). The case features a raised ridge on the base to the center of the lid and elastic straps to keep the fit snug. It has a handle, it's available with silver or red trim and there is even room to slide tear offs or a spare goggle lens in the mesh netting. Then you can throw the $39.95 case around and have zero fear of doing damage to your precious, and often expensive, helmet. -Jimmy Lewis