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Shift Mach Gear Review

In order to make this test accurate, I treated this gear just like you would...probably worse. I rode in it, slept in it (seriously) and washed the sweat and blood out of it. Here's my story, enjoy.Pant, $144.95
It's safe to say the Mach pant steals the show in this ensemble. Its unique, magic fit combines a comfortable, roomy feel with the confidence and security of a race suit. The knees have ample space for the largest knee braces, with flex panels in just the right spots to take the fabric in when worn with standard knee cups. The pant is fitted just so at the waist. A flexible, two-piece rear panel moves with your body on the bike, keeping the "plumber's sag" down to a minimum. Closure is a basic zipper and locking-cam system, which, while not fancy, works fine. Durability is top-notch: I've worn this pant during the DR 24-Hour, off-road testing for another 32 hours (at least) and in numerous motocross races. In all, the Mach pant rules.Jersey, $44.95
The Mach jersey is a well-ventilated, loose-fitting piece with an unrestrictive fit. No tightness or irritation in the cuffs or neck ever came about. My beef with the jersey is, since its polyester construction is rather thin, it can wear quickly in areas such as the sleeves (grabbing twigs and branches or sliding on your elbows) or the shoulders (when worn under a backpack). For moto, most of this will be a moot point until you rack up about three or four good slides.Gloves, $32.95
The Mach gloves take a good break-in period to get the tightness out of them. Then they work fine. Their construction is unique, with an extra layer of fabric forming a sort of hinge on the back of your hand. This looks cool and works great in theory, but when the gloves are fresh out of the box, they fit tightly because of the extra bulk. The palms are comfy, with padding that doesn't get in the way, and the fingers are comfortably roomy.The verdict? Well, when I grab gear for a ride, whether it's for a test, race or just a fun ride, I always seem to grab the Shift Mach set. Why? Because it still looks like new, it has all-day comfort and I can't seem to break it. --Jesse Ziegler