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Although today's modern bikes are getting closer to what we see our heroes racing, there are still many hidden things that are very simple to do to improve our new bikes. One of the easiest areas in which to get results is the brakes. Yes, brake systems are getting better and stronger, but almost all bikes are still equipped with nylon brake lines. Nylon brake lines work, but they tend to expand as the brake fluid builds heat, thus causing fade and an inconsistent feel to the lever. We threw a Ride Engineering braided-steel front-brake line ($63.95) onto our Honda CRF450R. The results were instantaneous: no fade, consistent modulation and overall stronger braking power. At one point many of us felt the CRF450R could use an oversize front rotor. That would give even more stopping power, but after trying the Ride Engineering brake line, we decided it was an easier, more-inexpensive way to put some muscle in the brakes. It was enough to satisfy us. Ride Engineering brake lines are available for most applications, and for an extra $29.95 you can purchase a direct-line mounting kit.DR Tested: 9.5Ride Engineering: 800/805-1516;