2005 Suzuki RM250 - Dirt Rider Magazine

Over The Past Several Months I Have Put A Serious Beating On My Rm250, And With That, I Have Had To Give It Some Serious Tlc.The biggest headache I could no longer live with was the stock suspension as it became so clapped out the bike was unridable. I ripped off the suspension and sent it to the folks at MB1 Suspension for a redo. I had them set it up for motocross conditions and for my weight (168 pounds) and skill level (intermediate). With the modifications, I noticed a huge improvement and kicked myself for not having sent MB1 the suspension sooner! The new setup allowed me to take lines I never would have considered with the stock suspension, and I gained confidence to hit any bump on the track. I basically have much more energy to ride as the bike doesn't beat it out of me.I had completely worn out the original sprockets, so I opted to go with TAG Metals replacements. I kept the stock gear ratio as it suits my riding and my local tracks. The TAG sprockets have held up surprisingly well, much better than stock since they have rounded teeth, and they look super-trick. I stripped off the stock triple clamps and mounted up some Pro Circuit pieces. I went with a rubber-mounted top clamp and a ProTaper handlebar. I liked this setup; I'm pleased by the way the Pro Circuit/ProTaper combo feels really stiff yet complements the suspension and soaks up some of the harshness, as does the ProTaper handlebar. Unfortunately, I crashed my brains out during a day of play riding at Ocotillo Wells and destroyed the handlebar and triple clamps. For the cool factor, I threw on a set of One Industries factory Suzuki graphics and a seat cover. I chose Four Twelve Racing numbers for my bike; Four Twelve is a new company offering some really original number fonts. And for upkeep, I repacked the Pro Circuit silencer as it began to sound a bit ratty and loud.Running Tally
Hours on the bike: 56 (23 since last update)
Modification cost total: $1656.6O
MB1 fork modification: $415.OO
MB1 shock modification: $3OO.OO
TAG Metals rear sprocket (49T): $59.95
TAG Metals countershaft sprocket(13T): $29.95
Pro Circuit top triple clamp: $199.95
Pro Circuit bottom triple clamp: $299.95
Pro Circuit bar-mount kit: $89.95
ProTaper SE Factory Suzukihandlebar: $64.95
One Industries Team Makita SuzukiReplica kit: $189.95
Four Twelve Racing numbers: $6.95
(set of three)Repair cost total: $O
Maintenance and consumable parts: $226.OO
3 oil changes
1 Dunlop 742 front tire
2 Dunlop 756 rear tires
Silencer packing