Spectrum IV Trailer: Joachim Falden

SPECTRUM, episode IV, Monocyte, features 18-year-old A-class amateur racer, Joachim Falden, as he negotiates the challenges of qualifying for the most prestigious amateur national in the world, the Loretta Lynn Amateur National Championship in Hurricane Mills, TN. In episode IV, we join the Denmark native at his home away from home in Lake Elsinore, CA as he grants our cameras access to document his rigorous training and riding schedule that prepares himself for the Loretta Lynn regional qualifier at the infamous Glen Helen Raceway.

Not only does episode IV, Monocyte, document Falden’s journey to qualify for Loretta’s, but we also sit down with Joachim’s parents for an open discussion on the current events happening in the European racing scene, why they decided to make the move to the United States of America, and their motivation and determination to make sure they protect their family as a whole from turning into a story we’ve heard so many other times in the past: broken, jobless, and used. Joachim and his family dissect the dark realities of this often cruel sport and offer a truly honest and unforgettable viewpoint that simply needs to be heard.

This 31-minute episode chronicles Joachim's struggles to qualify for an amateur national that can potentially make or break his professional career, before its ever off the ground, his frustrations with the amateur racing scene in both Europe and America, as well as why he fell in love with dirt bikes from the beginning. As many of us know, it wasn't the racing aspect of the sport. SPECTRUM, episode IV, Monocyte, will launch on Tuesday, July 21st, exclusively on Vimeo OnDemand (https://vimeo.com/ondemand/spectrumseries). If you haven't already, be sure to catch the first three episodes of SPECTRUM, featuring Andrew Short, Cole Seely, Jimmy Albertson, and Luke Renzland. Available now via the above link.

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