RZ Mask M2 Black – Product Of The Week

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RZ Mask M2 Black


Just in time for some cold weather, we are taking a look at the RZ Mask M2. You could use the ever-faithful bandana when riding in cold and/or dusty conditions but this mask is way more technically advanced than that. In fact, it is like the bandana from the future.

The M2 mask is constructed of a mesh main body that is designed for more vigorous activities like riding, rather than construction or agriculture. The filtration materials are two HEPA Filters (to qualify as HEPA, an air filter must remove 99.97 of particles down to 0.3 micrometers) that are replaceable. To reduce moisture inside the mask and to keep fresh air turnover high, there are two one-way valves to let out your exhaled air.

While this might not be a necessity for some, we’ve been on plenty of dusty desert rides where we breathed in our fair share of dust. Plus RZ offers beefier masks for super cold weather riding. This will be in our bag the next time we head out for a dusty, silty ride and we will keep you posted on how it performs.