Red Bull’s Powder Hounds - Episode 1

Some Snowbiking Inspiration

We’ve never, ever been jealous of places that get a ton of snow in the winter. In the past, that would mean locking the bikes away and waiting. Spending nights just hanging out in the garage staring at our idle machines waiting for the first signs of spring. At least that’s what we’ve thought. The only weather issues we have in SoCal is at the end of summer when a casual trail ride could be so hot you’d cook your brain.

The dudes on the cutting edge of the sport.Red Bull Content Pool

But enter the snowbike. We've tested some before and they are awesome. What's even cooler is to see dudes like Ronnie Renner and Robbie Maddison throwing their impressive dirt bike talent into a relatively new sport. Check out this first episode of Powder Hounds but be warned—you might have to run out and buy a track for your bike.

Endless possibilities on a snowbikeRed Bull Content Pool
Air time on a bike is the norm, but not on a sled. These guys have to find the right balance for these hybrid machines.Red Bull Content Pool

From Red Bull Media House:
"When it comes to snowbikes, there are many questions that remain unanswered. Though the concept of snowbikes has been around for decades, it wasn't until the last few years that the sport started to progress to the high level we've seen over the last few winter seasons. The limits are being pushed further and further with each season seeing bigger lines, jumps, and new terrain explored. At the tail end of the 2017 season, a crew of legends—Ronnie Renner, Robbie Maddison, Darren Berrecloth, Reagan Seig, Brock Buttars, and Brett Blaser—set out to do just that over the course of a few weeks. Follow their journey as they shred terrain both old and new while pushing the limit of what's possible in this four-part series."

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Powder Hounds - Episode 1: Friendly Gathering
Professional snowbike rider Reagan Seig and snowbike pioneer Brett Blaser take to the birthplace of snowbiking in central Idaho with freeriders Ronnie Renner and Robbie Maddison. Maddo may have little snowbike experience, but he accepts the challenge of putting himself into the unknown.