Quick Tip: Bike Stand Oil Change

Check out this four-stroke oil change quick tip using a bike stand.

Just when you think you've seen it all something happens right in front of you that's so cool because it's so simple and effective. A few years ago while walking through the Houston Supercross pits we spotted something looking very odd under the BTO Sports awning - it looked like mechanic Nate Alexander was struggling to put Andrew Short's bike on the stand, and had in fact let the bike slip off the back. Rather than look flustered, Nate just grabbed an oil drain pan and started to change the bike's oil. He'd figured out this clever way to get a bike to stand straight up and remain stable, all while keeping the bike stand out of the way for an oil change. And if your bike, like most, has the oil drain plug on the bottom of the cases, be sure you're turning the bolt the correct way, you can get it backwards pretty easily if your reaching down and working 'upside down.'

Note: This quick tip will work on most four-stroke dirt bikes. Two-strokes may have pipe clearance issues.