PHOTOS: Santa Clara Supercross 2016

Photog Rich Shepherd captured the action in Santa Clara, CA

After a weekend off for Easter, the 450 racers were back at it on a track many felt was less technical that previous tracks. The 250F West Coast racers were competing once again after five weekends off. The 250F West rider now have four weeks off before their final race at the Las Vegas final, which will combine riders from both classes into one points-paying main event. Fortunately Webb has a 16 point lead going into that final round. In the 450 class, Ryan Dungey was credited with a third place finish at the previous round in Detroit two weeks ago; after crossing the finish line in first he was docked two positions for jumping while the red cross flag was out. It was questionable if Dungey had seen the flag, and if the flag was out early enough and in the correct place. Dungey did a good job of putting that controversial score behind him and came out once again as the fastest guy to get from the drop of the gate to the checkered flag.

Osbourne flies low
Zach Osborne lead two thirds of the main event. He look fast, as usual, but had to settle for second after Cooper Webb caught him.Photo By Rich Shepherd
Trey Canard was fast in California
Trey Canard set the fastest time in the first qualifying session, won his semi (he crashed in the first turn in his heat), and charged right up to Chad Reed's rear fender in the main to take a fifth place.Photo by Rich Shepherd
450 main start down the rhythm lane
This is the first rhythm lane in the 450 main, where it looks like Dungey has put himself in the lead...Photo by Rich Shepherd
450 start at second corner
But Justin Bogle squeezed past. Bogle's time up front was short, as Dungey went buy with a shave and went on to lead every other lap.Photo by Rich Shepherd
Osborne has great style
Osbourne deserves another photo. He's got he speed and the technique for a win.Photo by Rich Shepherd
Dungey leads the pack
2016 is Ryan Dungey's year. His speed is just enough better than everyone else that smart money is on Dungey to win at any round.Photo by Rich Shepherd
Ken Rozcen has great jumping style
Ken Roczen looked like he has the speed and the drive to win another one but he could only hang with Dungey for about the first third of the main.Photo by Rich Shepherd
Justin Bogle lead for a while
Justin Bogle lead the main for a few corners but eventually fell back to 6th at the end.Photo by Rich Shepherd
Justin Barcia is back on the track
Justin Barcia was back after missing most of the season so far with a thumb injury. He didn't have the speed to challenge for a podium finish. He went home with a 16th.Photo by Rich Shepherd
Joey Savatgy needed a win
Joey Savatgy needed a win to cut into Cooper Webb's 11 point lead. Unfortunately Savatgy got third while Webb won and stretched the point lead to 16 with only one West Coast race left.Photo by Rich Shepherd
Jason Anderson has awesome style
Jason Anderson grabbed the holeshot then tangled with Justin Brayton. Anderson stayed up and managed to finish third.Photo by Rich Shepherd
James Stewart has the speed but not the luck in Santa Clara
James Stewart was back racing, and now on coil spring forks. But his bike's electronics ended his night early and he DNF'd the main. The good news is Stewart was fast. He qualified seventh fastest and placed second behind Dungey in his heat race.Photo by Rich Shepherd
Tomac can pancake a bike
Eli Tomac lays it flat. He was the fastest qualifier but got another poor start and worked his way up to a seventh place finish.Photo by Rich Shepherd
Ryan Dungey flies over the finish
Ryan Dungey can walk on fire this year. He's touchable, but only rarely . He held off an early attack from Rozcen to win with a comfortable gap over the pack.Photo by Rich Shepherd
Cooper Webb rips out of a corner
Cooper Webb charged from about 6th at the start all the way to the front. He is quick to pass any rider in front of him and looked less aggressive with his passes in Santa Clara.Photo by Rich Shepherd
Craig had an uneventful night
Christian Craig needed a win to stay in the championship hunt, but a fourth place puts him 23 points behind Cooper Webb.Photo by Rich Shepherd
Chad Reed looked good in fourth
Chad Reed had a decent night and finished fourth, with Trey Canard closing fast.Photo by Rich Shepherd
250F class start
The 250F West Coast start. Savatgy and Craig needed to be ahead of Webb at this point. They weren't.Photo by Rich Shepherd