PHOTOS: 2016 Lucas Oil JuniorMotoX

Amateur Indoor MX action from Lazy E Arena in Oklahoma

The inaugural running of the Lucas Oil JuniorMotoX indoor motocross took place this weekend in Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma, where over 360 of the top amateur motocrossers in the nation raced for titles on a hybrid motocross/supercross indoor course. Among the winners were Jake Masterpool, Ty Masterpool, Joey Crown, Matthew LeBlanc, Ryder DiFrancesco, Jett Reynolds, and Jordan Bailey. Also winning a title was Lance Kobusch, who took home the Jesse Cup, named after Jesse Masterpool, who lost his life a few years ago in a racing incident. Photographer Shan Moore was on hand to bring us this photo report.

Mini SR 1 race, Lucas Oil JuniorMotoX 2016
The Mini SR 1 division hits the first turn with Brandon Walther in the lead on his KTM. Nate Thrasher eventually won the title in this class.Photo By Shan Moore
Jordan Bailey, Lucas Oil JuniorMotoX 2016
Team Green’s Jordan Bailey blasts through a berm en route to the win in the Schoolboy 2 class. The Floridian also finished third in the 250B class.Photos By Shan Moore
Ryder DiFrancesco and Matthew LeBlanc, Lucas Oil JuniorMotoX 2016
Ryder DiFrancesco (199) and Matthew LeBlanc (329) go head-to-head in the 65 (7-11) final. LeBlanc ultimately took the win with DiFrancesco finishing second.Photos By Shan Moore
Joey Crown, Lucas Oil JuniorMotoX 2016
Joey Crown came from behind to win the 250 Pro Sports title ahead of Dustin Winter and Ramyller Alves. Crown also took the win in the 250A class.Photos By Shan Moore
Kaeden Amerine, Lucas Oil JuniorMotoX 2016
Kaeden Amerine gets the job done during the Mini SR 2 (12-14) final. The Kansas resident finished third behind Ty Masterpool and Chandler Baker.Photos By Shan Moore
Seth Dennis, Lucas Oil JuniorMoto-X 2016
Seth Dennis draws a bead on the next corner in the 51 (4-8) race.Photos By Shan Moore
Jett Reynolds, Lucas Oil JuniorMoto-X 2016
Jett Reynolds won two championships in Oklahoma, the 85 (9-12) title and the 85 Limited (9-11) title.Photos By Shan Moore
Dustin Winters, Lucas Oil JuniorMoto-X 2016
Dustin Winter finished runner-up to Joey Crown in two races: the 250 Pro Sport race and the 250A race.Photos By Shan Moore
Nate Thrasher, Lucas Oil JuniorMoto-X 2016
Tennessee’s Nate Thrasher won the Mini SR 1 (12-13) 85 class and finished second in the Mini SR 2 (12-14) 85 By Shan Moore
Brandon Walther, Lucas Oil JuniorMoto-X 2016
Brandon Walther rails a berm during the Mini SR 1 By Shan Moore
Grant Harlan, Lucas Oil JuniorMoto-X 2016
250 B rider Grant Harlan disappears into a berm in the lush Oklahoma soil during the 250B final.Photos By Shan Moore
Jesse Cup podium, Lucas Oil JuniorMoto-X 2016
Lance Kobusch (center) reaps the rewards for winning the Jesse Cup race. Lance is flanked by runner-up Jeremy Ryan (left) and third place finisher Carter By Shan Moore