Phil Nicoletti Interview: Motocross Preparation

Transitioning from Supercross into Outdoors

You didn't line up for every race this year in Supercross. Do you consider that an advantage or a disadvantage?

It’s a catch 22. Obviously for myself I wanted to do the entire Supercross series. I like being at the races Saturday and under the lights Saturday night. It’s nice to be around the team and getting gate time. At the same time it’s good to get a head start on outdoors and getting a base set for our bikes and the guys Weston and Justin. I’m basically like the demolition guy trying parts and seeing if I can break them. The team is doing their job back in Charlotte and I’m out here in California trying to give them some feed back of what is going on.

Will you get out to their neck of the woods at all through out the season?

Yes, absolutely. I am actually based on the East Coast and I have just been out here for Supercross training with the Martin Brothers. I will head back out there after Colorado, which I am really looking forward to.

Phil Nicoletti
Phil NicolettiPhoto by Max Mandell

What do you enjoy more about the East Coast?

The scenery is so nice out there and it is a lot less crowded at the tracks. You can do your own thing; do your motos properly with out worrying about other people. Honestly, the green trees make it so much more enjoyable compared to the dry desert out here.

Are those east coast tracks more beneficial to training?

No, not necessarily. The first couple races are in California so you have to be able to ride that kind of dirt. Personally, I prefer when it is rutted in the softer, sandier type of dirt. I struggle when it comes to the hard pack, square edge style tracks. So it’s good for me to ride out here and see what the bike does in those conditions. It requires a totally different riding style though. Some guys can ride the square edge stuff better then the ruts and the loam so both areas have their benefits.

Do you prefer Supercross or outdoors more?

I favor outdoors a little bit more, but I make the main events in Supercross so its not like I don’t know how to ride Supercross. Outdoors come a little more natural for me and it is harder for other people. It’s hard to get a rider that excels at both and obviously they are the ones that make a lot of money. I tend to sway towards the outdoors but I do like Supercross much more now that I have joined the JGR team. It really helps having the proper equipment, support, and resources.

Phil Nicoletti
Phil NicolettiPhoto by Max Mandell

Are you really picky about anything on your bike?

I really like having a solid fork. I lead with the front end so much more then the rear, so it is really important to have the front-end traction and plushness in the forks.

What round of outdoors do you look forward to the most?

I love Unadilla because that is my home state and I love to see all of the people I grew up with. I love Millville too, because I am really close with the Martin Family. Red Bud is also great, but I really like all of them. The only one I don’t really like is Colorado and I hated Utah so I am glad that track is off the schedule. I am excited to see Southwick come back as well. It is only a few hours from home and it is good to get a sand track back on the circuit.

Phil Nicoletti
Phil NicolettiPhoto by Max Mandell