Mud Riding Tip Steep Drop-offs with Cody Webb

Off-Road Riding Techniques, part 3 of 4 with KTM's Cody Webb

This article was originally featured in the August 2017 print edition of Dirt Rider

Cody Webb is a multi talented rider and racer. The FMF KTM Factory racer took on a new challenge for 2017 - the ISDE. These shots are from the qualifier in Washougal, which he won, on his way to a club team to represent the USA in France. We got him to share some techniques to help you tackle the mud as well as he does.

Here is how Webb breaks down some of the more challenging sections to carry momentum through the rain-soaked turf, trees, and elevation of Washougal.

Note: Although the photos don't capture it from this angle, Cody is dropping off one step here down to a dirt road before heading to the next rise/drop.

This was a treacherous obstacle considering it was a blind drop down [and was slick]. I’m on the brakes and trying to slow down before I get to the drop.Ben Baucum
I have my knees bent now as I approach the drop and am about to give it a slight bit of throttle to raise the front end and jump off the ledge.Ben Baucum
Leaning back now and extending my elbows to get farther off the back of the bike. I’m doing this to keep traction as I pop the clutch with a little bit of throttle to hit the drop-off; the balls of my feet are on the pegs for maximum traction.Ben Baucum
Don’t forget your knees and ankles are a whole other set of suspension you need to take advantage of. I’m using my natural leaf springs here to soak up the landing and weighting the outside of the bike more so I don’t slide out on the off-camber landing.Ben Baucum
[Here] I’m cruising up over the next little rise in the attack position since I don’t know what’s about to come up next.Ben Baucum
The coast is clear and it’s just a small step over after going across the road as we continue down the trail.Ben Baucum

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