Jus Diedrich needs advice on his next bike inside our Letter of the Week, he's narrowed it down between a 125 two-stroke and a 250 four-stroke.

I was wondering if you could help me decide on my next bike. I’m 15, 5-foot-4, 115 pounds, live in Ohio, and am fast C class/slow B class rider, and the bike will be used for mostly enduro/hare scramble but some MX time as well. I will buy used, and I’m not too worried about price right now. I just need to narrow it down between a 125 two-stroke and a 250 four-stroke. I just sold my KX100 because it was too small and I have been riding a KDX200 but it’s too heavy. Greatly appreciate any feedback.

Jus Diedrich

Jus, get a 125! There are plenty of nice used ones out there (and they are easy to fix up if you find a not-so-nice used one). Additionally, a good 125 can help you go from being a fast C rider/slow B rider to a fast B rider/slow A rider—you’ll be amazed what carrying a little more momentum will do for your cornering skills! Good call on getting the small bike out from under you. Now, go find another two-stroke and prepare yourself for several years of pure fun (and a few top-end changes, but those aren’t bad—I promise!) —Chris Denison