Yamalube/Star Racing team rider Mitchell Harrison has been looking forward to the Redbud National since the season started. Mitchell Harrison went 7-2 for 4th overall at Redbud. The Brighton, Michigan resident grew up 2 1/2 hours from the Redbud track and always looked forward to going to the National every year. Mitchell didn’t always race at the track but when he did it was always one of his favorite tracks to race. Mitchell was excited for this past weekend and we will take you though his weekend at his home track, Redbud.

Mitchell Harrison from Brighton, Michigan—which is only two and 1/2 hours from Redbud—got to participate in Press Day on Thursday with his star Yamaha racing team. Even though Mitchell lived only 2 1/2 hours from the track he would not race there often but would go to the National every year. It is one of his favorite tracks.Rob Koy
In the first 20-minute session on Press Day Mitchell was the first guy to hit Larocco’s Leap. You can tell by the way Mitchell was riding he was going to have a good weekend.Rob Koy
Early morning on race day, Mitchell’s mechanic Josh Ellington AKA “Jelly” prepares #45 Yamalube Star Racing 250 before the first practice session.Rob Koy
For the Fourth of July weekend at Redbud the Yamalube Star Racing Team was all decked out in Stars and Stripes. Many teams opted for patriotic graphics for the holiday weekend.Rob Koy
In Practice Session 1, Mitchell was the fifth fastest in the session turning a lap of 2:05.254 on Lap 2. No one in 250 Group A went for Larocco’s Leap in the first practice session because of the new track configuration before the leap. They used the session to figure it out the approach to the Leap and probably the nerve to hit it on a 250. Here Mitchell hits the inside corner before the finish line jump.Rob Koy
In between the practice sessions Mitchell and Jelly talk over the first session and come up with a plan for Practice 2.Rob Koy
Since Mitchell lives only a couple hours from Redbud a lot of his people came by to give him well wishes and catch up with him.This was definitely is hometown race and Mitchell said he has been waiting for this race for a while.Rob Koy
The 2nd practice session starts with a five-minute practice start session before the timed session begins. Here Mitchell works on his starts and his approach into turn one.Rob Koy
After the start practice the riders line up and wait for the the green flag to drop so they can race for position and get a clean timed lap in. Mitchell was right towards the front in session two. Mitchell’s best time of the session didn’t come until the last lap where he turned a 2:04.407 for the 11th best time.Rob Koy
Josh gets ready to put a fresh quart of Yamalube oil into Mitchell’s Star Racing Yamaha before the 1st Moto.Rob Koy
Mitchell checks his 100% goggles before Moto 1 as Josh packs the gate. Mitchell said that he came into the day really positive and wanting to go as hard as he could every time he got on the track.Rob Koy
The 1st Moto start for Mitchell was pretty good as here he was able to stay with the lead group into turn one. Mitchell said he got a decent start in Moto 1 and rode a little tight the first half of the Moto.Rob Koy
Mitchell and his teammates battled in the top ten in Moto 1. Mitchell said that he loosened up around the halfway mark of the Moto and was able to make a charge up to Plessinger but couldn’t make the pass. Mitchell thinks if he could of passed Aaron in Moto 1 he would of had enough points for an overall podium possition. Here Cole Thompson follows Mitchell on the downhill off camber at the hallway point of the Moto.Rob Koy
Mitchell stays low off the flag jump by whipping his Yamaha to get the wheels back on the ground.Rob Koy
Mitchell launches off the single as he gave chase to Aaron Plessinger.Rob Koy
Alex Martin leads Mitchell Harrison to the green on the 1st lap of Moto 2. Mitchell held 2nd place until Alex went down on lap 11 putting Mitchell into the lead. Mitchell said that Alex and he had a hard battle in the opening laps and Alex got a five-second lead on him but wasn’t pulling on him anymore and that motivated him to turn it on. But unfortunately Alex went down, he would of rather earn it by passing him but I guess you got to take what's given to you.Rob Koy
Mitchell leads a Moto for the first time in his young career. Mitchell said that leading the race made him tighten up a little and Zach started to catch up on him.Rob Koy
Mitchell leads Zach over the finish line and Mitchell new that Zach was coming fast.Rob Koy
Zach gets right on Mitchell before he made the pass for the lead. Mitchell said that he was able to keep pace with Zach to the end.Rob Koy
Mitchell scrubs Larocco’s Leap in the 2nd Moto as everyone was not hitting it in the 2nd Moto.Rob Koy
Mitchell takes the inside line under the tree before the finish line late in Moto 2.Rob Koy
Mitchell takes the checkered flag right behind Zach Osborne in Moto 2. Mitchell said that the last two laps he felt pressure from Alex Martin and that helped him push forward and catch up to Zach at the end of the Moto. Mitchell was really happy with the Moto and could finally show everyone the speed he has.Rob Koy
Mitchell is super pumped with his performance at his hometown race. Mitchell credits his trainer Dylon Turner or getting him in such good shape to be able to contest for a Moto win and hopes that this will continue the rest of the season.Rob Koy
Mitchell was all smiles on the podium as he got interviewed for his Moto 2 performance.Rob Koy
Star Racing team owner Bobby Regan and Mitchell are all smiles as they head back to the pits after the race. Mitchell Harrison went 7-2 for 4th overall at Redbud and looks forward to duplicating his performance again this year.Rob Koy