First Look: 2005 Motocross Bikes - MXracer Magazine

Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha just released their latest in MX machines. What's new for 2005? Read on for details, photos and specs on all the new motocross bikes.Honda

Honda's new CRF thumpers received complete makeovers from the front axle placement to the lighter, stronger swingarm. The CRF450R is featuring Honda's fourth-generation aluminum frame, and has a sleeker body thanks to narrower radiator shrouds. The CRF250R received a much welcomed power boost which should give a little more snap to the baby thumper. It also has refinements to the suspension, clutch, transmission and braking.Kawasaki

Kawasaki released information on their mini line and the KX125, but we have yet to receive information on the KX250 and the anticipated KX450F. The KX250F Kawa-zuki (RM-Z250) received the most love with upgrades to its gearing, suspension and durability. The KX125 changes are minor, with improvements to the throttle response and suspension.Suzuki

Suzuki put a new emphasis on their racing efforts with a new line of RMs, and a red-headed Floridian for 2005. RC is going to be on board a Suzuki RM250 next season, and the new RM looks like it'll be packing some potent power. Suzuki set its sights on creating a two-stroke that will compete with the power level of a four-stroke, putting to bed any doubts that the factories are slowing down their two-stroke racing development. Suzuki is also the only company this year with changes (other than graphics) to their minis. The RM85 and 85L (big wheel) have some upgrades for '05.Yamaha

Yamaha's new line of YZs further demonstrates the factory comittment to two-stroke development. The YZ250 and YZ125 have big changes this year, most notably the debut of the long-awaited aluminum frames. Both motors are all new with more power, and lighter weight. The YZ125 motor alone weighs four pounds less than the 2004, and with the lighter frame and swingarm, the YZ125 boasts a weight of 196 pounds (using the AMA method)!The focus of the changes to the thumpers was more useable power. The 2005 YZ450F and YZ250F have smoother power, improved ergonomics and better suspension. All YZs are sporting Yamaha's new front fork system, Renthal aluminum bars and improved plastics that reduce "bruising."