Maxxis US Open Pay Out

Betting odds are out and it looks as though Chad Reed is the favorite followed closely by Ricky Carmicheal. Below is a complete list of how the odds have added up.** Betting Odds** (as of 10/10 at opening)Chad Reed even
Ricky Carmicheal 6/5
Ernesto Fonseca 4/1
David Vuillemin 4/1
Mike LaRocco 4/1
Nick Wey 8/1
Micheal Byrne 8/1
Grant Langston 10/1
Larry Ward OFF
Nathan Ramsey 15/1
Brock Sellards 18/1
Heath Voss 22/1
Keith Johnson 22/1
Damon Huffman OFF
Feild(All Others) 12/1
We took a stroll through the pits and took some cool photos of the new 125 class four-strokes, and tons of other cool stuff. Stay tuned for a full photo gallery of new bikes and some race action from the sixth annual Maxxis US Open.PURSE PAYOUT1st $100,000
2nd $35,000
3rd $20,000
4th $13,000
5th $10,000
6th $9,000
7th $8,000
8th $7,000
9th $6,000
10th $5,000
11th $ 4000
12th $3,000
13th $2,500
14th $2,300
15th $ 2,200
16th $2,000
16th $1,900
18th $1,800
19th $1,700
20th $1,600
21st $1,500
22nd $1,400
23rd $1,300
24th $ 1,200
Be sure to Check back for tonight's results, which will be posted after the race. A full photo gallery of the race and pit action will be posted tomorrow (10/11).Past Winners 2002 Mike Larocco, Honda
2001 Ricky Carmicheal, Honda
2000 Ricky Carmicheal, Honda
1999 Jeff Emig, Yamaha
1998 Damon Huffman, Suzuki

Jeff Alessi's CR80
Broc Helper's RM-Z250 with some really trick parts.
Last Years Winner Mike LaRocco
Jeff Ward giving a little advice to Suzukis 80cc rider Nico Izzy
Grant Langston's KTM 250