Chris Broome, Bomb Disposal Technician Serving In Iraq - Dirt Rider

The Ultimate SacrificeI was deeply moved when a Stewards of the Sequoia member, Chris Broome, a bomb disposal technician serving in Iraq, informed me he had altered his will to include Stewards (a multiple-use advocacy group) as a beneficiary in the case of his death. He noted, "It is my pleasure to be affiliated with such a worthy and fine organization." He also wanted to know how he could make his annual donation to Stewards while in Iraq. I truly appreciate his sacrifice on our behalf, as well as all the other troops there, but this was striking and beyond what we would ordinarily expect.It also makes me wonder: If he's concerned about keeping our trails open to motorized trailbikes while putting his life on the line in Iraq; perhaps more people at home should be more active protecting their own freedoms? Being on the front lines, he, more than a lot of us sitting comfortably here at home, can recognize how important it is to preserve our rights, especially right now.I hope his outstanding efforts will spur people to do whatever they can to protect our freedoms and stop a runaway radical environmental movement. We, as outdoor recreation enthusiasts, are environmentalists because we love the outdoors and open spaces as much as anyone who calls themselves an environmentalist. We just choose to recreate in different manners, many of which the radicalists don't approve of. In fact, the hard-core greens would like to see all humans locked into the cities with no access to anyplace they can close down and lock up. Don't believe me? Check out for their utopian agenda that's being pushed through by even "moderate" environmental groups. Groups that your friends, family and companies which you buy stuff from support. The wars we should be aware of aren't all overseas.We all need to preserve access to public lands. We cannot let our country be taken over by an extreme minority. As many of you may already know, we're currently under direct threat of having millions of acres of public land closed to multiple use through wilderness designation. Greens are behind every level of planning in regard to OHV recreation with the ultimate goal of eliminating it, even though they claim to understand our needs and will sometimes "give in" to plans that they originally submitted. It started as a "lose everything" from the multiple-use perspective, but they "gave in" and now we can have some back.Think about it; Chris Broome is fighting for this country, "The Land of the Free," and is scared about losing what he truly loves: access to public lands. And if he's willing to do that for you, shouldn't you be fighting for him?As the saying goes, "If not you, then who? If not now, then when?" Together we can help keep our trails open. Take a minute to make a difference.Please join, participate and donate to your favorite local, state and national off-road access organizations.You can learn more about the brave men and women of the United States Military Explosive Ordnance Disposal communities at