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Troy Lee Designs
Grand Prix Air Mesh Pant and Jersey
Troy Lee is so innovative and ahead of his time that his 2008 hot-weather gear is already here! How does he know what will be cool in summer '08? He just knows. The $42 jersey and $135 pant are available June '07.Blitz Vision
Ink Moto MX Goggle

Blitz goggles ($48.95), for when beer goggles just won't do.
509.552.1809Mountain Motor Sports
Yamaha Lowering Link

$202.23 will seem like a deal when your foot-dabbing prevents the fast trip down the mountain. For off-road, not MX.
800.980.9074Genuine Innovations
Second Wind Road Mini Carbon-Hybrid Hand Pump

Go James Bond on the tube when you get a flat trailside. Just $49.99 for the hybrid pump that uses a CO2 or manual pump.
Flak Jak LT
HRP designed a chest protector to work with your Leatt Brace. Easy on-off and comfortable to wear with the brace, the $119.99 Flak Jak LT (for just the chest protector) will keep you protected and confident, and when you're confident, you ride better. Protection is cool; super protection is super cool.R&D; Racing Products USA
Power Bowl
This $249.95 bowl replaces the stock float bowl on your FCR carb to take out the hesitation when you crack open the throttle. Don't blame your stock carb-you'd hesitate too if you were filled with air pockets and cavitation.EVS Sports
SC05 Knee/Shin Guards

These sweet neoprene-based $49 knee/shin guards come in three colors so you stay fashionable even if your pants fall down.
Chain Guard

More metal to protect your cases, no cage to collect mud, arms for breather tubes and sharp looks for $39.95.
215.703.3263Sunline Racing
Moto Ray Revolver Hand Guards

For $69.95, you can look twice as cool clicking your clutch perch and hand guards back into place after a crash. Of course, you'd look even cooler not crashing.
888.520.4888Fox Racing
F3 LE Montage Boot
These $329.00 boots have a wild look, and if you're wild about them you need to act fast. Available in mid-June in very, very limited numbers. When they're gone, they're gone. Kinda like James Stewart when he gets a holeshot.Tusk
Stainless Steel Typhoon Brake Rotors

You can't go fast if you can't slow down. Well, you can go fast for a little while. Get Tusk's $64.99 stainless steel wave-pattern rotors.
800.336.5437MT Racing/Vortex
X-10 C.D.I. for Honda CRF150R

The $419 Vortex on-the-fly map-selection switch gives a claimed 1.5-horsepower and 1-foot-pound torque increase-enough to keep your hand off the clutch and on the switch.
QuickShot 2

Boyesen improves on improved throttle response, for both standard and the new 2007 Honda FCR carbs for $94.49-$99.95.