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Trick Bike
When scouring the off-road world for our next two-wheeled fix, we found this appetizing motorized trick bike from trials-bike manufacturer Scorpa. Does the idea of mountain-bike maneuverability combined with playbike mayhem sound appealing to you? If it does, then this is your next bike. Appropriately called the 4 Tricks, the new bike features a 70cc four-stroke motor with a three-speed semi-automatic clutch, carries its fuel in the frame and comes with swiveling BMX-style pedals for footpegs. Suspension front and rear, as well as braking, comes from Magura units, and it weighs in at less than 80 pounds. Now we want one or two or threeIn The News
Posters With Purpose
Proper trail etiquette is important in keeping off-road trails and riding areas open. That's why the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) has developed interactive Adventure Trail posters and other literature available for free (except shipping) to all OHV groups and users. To get your paws on the posters, or other cool stuff including temporary tattoos, call 800/348-6487 or e-mail CR5OOAFX
The Service Honda shop has once again introduced a Honda hybrid, keeping the aluminum-framed 500cc two-stroke monster alive for yet another year. The 2006 CR500AFX packs the punch of a Honda 500 motor inside the fourth-generation aluminum CR chassis. Also included are a halogen headlight, an L.E.D. taillight, an 18-inch rear wheel, a quiet spark arrestor and green-sticker compliance for those California off-roaders among us. To contact Service Honda for more information call 219/932-3588 or go to Bound
Our traveling enduro pal Ludovic Boinnard sent us an update on his performance from the Brazilian round of the World Rally Championship. The Rallye Dos Sertoes spanned 10 days and covered over 2500 miles. Boinnard managed to jockey his KTM into fourth place after all was said and done. And you wonder why he's smiling so big!?Rallye Dos Sertoes Results
1. Jean Azevedo/KTM 525-Lubrax
2. Carlo DeGavardo/KTM 450-Repsol
3. Jose Helio G. Rodrigues Filho/
Suzuki 440-Lubrax
4. Ludovic Boinnard/KTM ASW 540