DR Tested - IRC TR-011 Trials Tire - Dirt Rider Magazine

Many riders are starting to realize the untapped potential of riding with a trials tire on the rear of their bike. We tested the IRC TR-011 in a variety of conditions to see how it compared to a regular knobby. The mannerisms of the tire were surprisingly similar to that of a motocross tire. It tracked straight at speed and it hooked up reasonably well for most trail conditions, even sand. It loved hard pack. It lost a little bit on flat corners because of the absence of side knobs. Where it really shined was in the gnarly stuff. Rocky hills and ledges were cleared with less effort and less attention to the clutch; the tire grips rocks very well. The tire let the bike track much straighter in loose rocks up to melon size and absorbed much of the impact from them. Boulder patches could also be tackled with more confidence. Crossing ruts was a joy with the IRC, even at obtuse angles. When a knobby would normally slide and cross rut you can feel the trials tire flex and grab the side of the rut without losing traction. The tire holds up reasonably well, after 200 miles the IRC had plenty of life left. For guys that ride goat trails or lots of rocks this tire is great. At $114.99 it's worth a try to see how it works in your area. —Derek Steahly

||| |---|---| Hard Parts****90|INSTALLATION|18/20| |FUNCTION|46/50| |DURABILITY|8/10| |DESIGN|10/10| |PRICE|8/10|