Cover Letter from Mr. Orange - Dirt Rider Magazine

To Editor Jimmy Lewis:

I am eager to begin applying the knowledge that I have acquired thus far in my education and racing to begin a career as an associate editor for Dirt Rider. I believe I am a perfect applicant for the position because I have the know-how and the can-do mentality it takes to succeed in the industry. I ride at an intermediate skill level and I am dedicated to all aspects of this sport. I am also a highly skilled mechanic and do all of my own maintenance. I have a substantial journalism and photography back round and posses many all-around skills that the position might entail. In addition, I have strong communication skills as well as being comfortable in high pressure situations. I am also very easy to get along with and can work in a team environment or independently. I am willing and able to undergo the relocation that is necessary for the position.I have enclosed my resume and writing samples. I am able to come out to California for the interviews and assignments if I am selected. I can be contacted anytime or via e-mail if you have any further questions. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Mr. Orange