Race Report: Reed and Ramsey take control

Kevin Windham and Chad Reed took control early in the night, as both won their qualifiers in demanding style. In he main event Michael Byrne grabbed the hole-shot and the early lead which was cut short by Grant Langston who took Byrne wide leaving Byrne on the ground. Windham and Reed didn't have the greatest of starts with Reed running around 7th and Windham around 9th they both had to work their way thru the pack. Windham attempted to pass LaRocco in the whoops and made a mistake and was sent over the bars and hit the dirt pretty hard. Langston was still in the lead and was putting in a solid ride until Reed poured on the pressure and made a clean pass and began to pull away. In the meantime Windham who was in dead last after his crash began making his way back thru the pack and was able to pass Hamblin on the last lap for a 6th place finish. Reed pulled a strong lead and was able to stay clear of the second third place battle between Mike LaRocco and David Vuillemin, which was the focus of the main event. Vuillemin was able to pull away from LaRocco and hold on for second place.** Final 250cc Main Event Results:**

1. Chad Reed
2. David Vuillemin
3. Mike LaRocco
4. Nick Wey
5. Kevin Windham
6. Sean Hamblin
7. Grant Langston
8. Damon Huffman
9. Heath Voss
10. Michael Byrne
11. Ryan Clark
12. Keith Johnson
13. Joe Oehlhof
14. Mike Brown
15. Erick Vallejo
16. Robbie Reynard
17. Craig Anderson
18. Tyler Evans
19. Ted Campbell
20. Scott Davis
125ccTedesco took the early lead in the 125cc main event, and charging thru the pack, Travis Preston made his way into third behind Nathan Ramsey. Preston began to pull on second place Ramsey. Once Ramsey caught sight of Preston he began to turn it up and within four laps was passing Tedesco for the lead. Ramsey held the lead till the end and Tedesco was able to stay out front of Preston. Brock Sellards rode really good he was out front in the beginning of the race and was able to hold his ground and rode a solid race for fourth.Andrew Short gave Tedesco a great run in the 125cc qualifier as he lead from the start up until the last lap were he and Tedesco traded the lead a number of times and crossed the finish line in what you might call a photo finish. Short rode good in the main but was only able to salvage a 7th place finish.** 125cc Main Event Final Results:**

1. Nathan Ramsey
2. Ivan Tedesco
3. Travis Preston
4. Brock Sellards
5. Stephane Roncada
6. Steve Boniface
7. Andrew Short
8. Jeff Gibson
9. Joshua Summey
10. Joaquim Rodrigues
11. Michael Blose
12. Troy Adams
13. Greg Schnell
14. Eric Nye
15. Ryan Morais
16. Sean Collier
17. Dylan Lord
18. Stephan Demartis
19. Nathan Tiearney
20. Jesse Casillas
21. Daniel Blair