Elsinore GP Report

People will race just about anything with two wheel and a motor at the Elsinore GP
Mike from the Boys Republic came out to Elsinore to help the track crew.
Destry Abbott is always a crowd favorite at Elsinore.
Crowds line the fence and barriers along main street in Elsinore, home owners just pull up a lawn chair an watch from their front porch.
Kelly Yance was able to keep a steady pace and break into the top 20 in the Mushman 100.
Dusty Neighbor put in a decent ride and finished 16th.
BMW debuts there new MXer.
Michael Lapaglia stuned many as he kept up with the big boys on a 125..
Bonds sees eye to eye with fans atop their motorhomes.
Joey lanza was on the gas and finished a respectable 5th.