ISDE DAY 2: The heat And fun in the sun continues

By Bryan Nylander and Jason WebbA new course and towns for today but the navigation and routine for Bryan is starting to make sense and become easier. And unfortunately, changing tires so often, we've begun to learn the ropes in the pits and can get them done without too much drama another flat meant a rear tire change at the end of the day. Jason, meanwhile is staying on time, not wearing out the bike and getting damn good an 10 minute tire changes. It's a different story for his body, sore by the end of the day and ready for another massage.So heading into Hump day, we have a front tire and filter change awaiting us in the morning. Not too horrible. The jetting fix cured most of the top-end flutter, so the 200 is behaving more like it should. The same cant be said for KTM 450 rider Brian Garrahan, who lost another ignition this morning, despite the KTM boys fixing the bike yesterday. So Garrahan spent the day helping water the club riders coming in and leaving the dustbowl that was Enduro test 4 like a grass test, just missing the grass.Meanwhile, the big guys the Trophy Team has had a few bright moments after their 12th place finish on Day 1. Ty Davis continued to shine and witnesses say he looked awesome in the first special test of the day the beach sand dunes just minutes from the hotel and start line. Junior Trophy Kurt Caselli is doing even better. The first test of the day saw him finish 4th behind top finisher Stefan Merriman and on Cross Test 2, he was a mere 12 seconds behind Merriman! Not bad for a kid from the desert. Overall the Americans had a better second day than yesterday. They still had plenty of time on the road but the trail was much tougher than yesterday tighter, nastier, up hills and down rocky downhills. And the riders get to do it again tomorrow, however, from the reports hitting the pits, the American riders appeared more at home on these trail sections like the rocky downhill leading into Check 2. The rocks exacted their toll, though.Check 2 was a busy place with several riders coming in to nurse their wounded bikes on - Mark Thompson had a case cover banged up and leaking, Doug Blackwell had a hole punched in a case cover too and Lars Valin crashed and smashed his pipe good. Despite this, the mood was better in the American pit after the race.Now back to the rest of the worldThe battle between Finland Juha Salminen and Stefan Everts for top 400cc 4-stroke is heating up. They swapped leads several times, but Everts consistency is putting him in the lead in the class. And CRF250 rider Stefan Merriman is simply waxing everyone! The Aussie won four of the five tests today and will likely hold onto the top overall spot. However, despite this the Fins are holding the lead with a dominating group effort.Sadly, not everyone is enjoying this mood at ISDE. The ISDE clerk just told the pressroom that a Club rider from England was found dead on the trail before Check 2. They had no known cause yet, but they be informing us when the doctors find out. Our condolences to our UK counterparts.