Video helmet cameras have been around for years, but Action Sports Cams has developed the best consumer version we've ever seen. The modular system features a miniature camera (1" x 1" weighing only 1.2 ounces), with sound, built onto a swivel mount. This means the camera angle can be easily adjusted in a matter of seconds with a simple Allen wrench. The $495.00 kit also includes a rechargeable battery, custom-wired battery charger, quick-disconnect wiring, and a weather-resistant carrying case. All you need is a camcorder small enough to be carried in a fanny pack or backpack. The company also sells a variety of billet clamps to mount the camera on your handlebar. And for more convenience, Action Sports Cams offers a remote "LANC" remote control for $99 that enables users to control the camera while leaving it in the bag.For more information contact Action Sports Cams at 562/493-6439 or