January 2015

  • ## Doug's Gift Guide

It would be super cool to receive what's on Doug Henry's Christmas list. Here's what you would get if you did.

  • ## Doug Henry: No Limits

It's impossible to overstate this man's tenacity. Come with us as we start from the beginning and unravel the story of a hero.

  • ## Thumper History

In a time of premix, reed cages, and single throttle cables, a few brave engineers took a chance and changed the world (of dirt bikes, that is). But they wouldn't have done it without Doug Henry.

  • ## 2015 KTM 500 EXC

Having an EXC is like buying a dirt bike at a fast-food place. "Um, yeah, can I get some turn signals, a horn, lights, mirrors, and a plate with that?" Yes, you can.

  • ## JCR Honda CRF450R Race Test

The desert boys go racing in the woods, and we get a chance to ride their machine. How does it work? You'll see.

  • ## 2015 Beta 300 RR

Beta might be small in numbers, but it is big in race results and performance. We ride the newest of one of itsmost popular two-stroke models.

  • ## Motocross Of Nations 2014

The USA has stood on victory's doorstep for two years running, and our boys in the red, white, and blue had their eyes set on the Chamberlain Trophy in Latvia.

  • ## 2015 Honda CRF450R

This bike just might be the "everyman's moto bike." But be prepared to take a fork pump with you; there are still two air chambers to adjust.

  • ## Adapt & Overcome

It is not about how bad we get knocked down. It's about how we get back up. Even more so for the band of brothers that race in this class.

  • ## On The Cover

A hero and a legend. Doug Henry still rips, and here he shows us some style on his personal motocross track. You can tell a fast rider just by the sound, and when we couldn't see Doug, we could still hear him flying through the trees. Photo by Shan Moore.