Jeremy Martin Interview: Motocross Preparation

Transitioning From Supercross to Outdoors

It’s that time of the year again. Supercross has ended with the infamous Vegas closer and it’s onto the outdoors. There is a very small break from racing before the nationals begin and all the teams are hard at work preparing for the upcoming season. We caught up with Jeremy Martin to see how his preparations are going.

Jeremy Martin, motocross prep
Jeremy Martin’s mechanic, Richard "Pedro" Sterling writes down his lap times throughout his practice motos.Photography by Max Mandell

How does your training change with the seasons?

Instead of going by laps, we go by minutes now, which would probably be the biggest thing we change. We end up spending a little more time on the dirt bike.

Jeremy Martin, motocross prep
Jeremy kept it on the gas throughout the long and hot motos at Lake Elsinore.Photography by Max Mandell

Obviously you had a great season last year in outdoors. Are you doing anything different with bike setup, or keeping things similar to last year?

Quite a bit of stuff is completely different between the suspension and the way it turns. We are always looking to get better because each year we are fighting for the title and I’m trying to defend it. It seems to be harder and harder every year, so you need to keep searching for ways to improve.

Jeremy Martin, motocross prep
The dirt at Lake Elsinore is pretty hard and makes for some painful roost.Photography by Max Mandell

Where do you like the power in your motor?

I like a lot of power but I like it to be smooth power. When it’s really aggressive from the bottom up, it’s really hard to ride. You might be able to go fast for a lap or too, but for a whole moto its going to be tough.

Jeremy Martin, motocross prep
As you can see here, Jeremy caught Alex and the brothers battled to the end of the moto.Photography by Max Mandell
Jeremy Martin, motocross prep
Jeremy laying low in a deep Elsinore rut.Photography by Max Mandell

Are there any details that you are super picky about on your bike?

Yeah I’m really picky about my front brake. When I pull it in it has to feel just right. Over the years I have also gotten really picky with my suspension.

Jeremy Martin, motocross prep
Jeremy and the whole Star Racing Yamaha team work together in practice. Mitchel Harrison heads out first with a bit of a gap, then Alex goes out and Jeremy heads out last and chases his teammates down throughout the moto.Photography by Max Mandell
Jeremy Martin, motocross prep
Roost was flying as Jeremy caught his older brother Alex Martin.Photography by Max Mandell

Do you have a strategy going into the first few rounds?

No, I am just going to go in there and win as many races as I can.

Jeremy Martin, motocross prep
Glen Helen, on the other hand, had some loamy conditions.Photography by Max Mandell
Jeremy Martin
On any Thursday at Glen Helen, you can expect to see some fast laps put down by the Pros.Photography by Max Mandell

Are you 100% healthy, or do you have any injuries you're healing up from?

No, I feel good and I’m ready for the great outdoors!

Jeremy Martin, motocross prep
The weather was overcast and cloudy last week at Glen Helen. Jeremy put on a sweatshirt to heat things up.Photography by Max Mandell

Is there a certain track you look forward to every year?

I really look forward to my home track, (The Martins own Millville) Red Bud, Budds Creek and a few of those tracks that you can really get into. Red Bud and Millville are always cool just because the fans and there are so many people there that it makes it pretty special.

Jeremy Martin, motocross prep
Jeremy charging up one of the many long and steep Glen Helen Hills.Photography by Max Mandell