ISDE Day 5 Race Results & Report

US World Trophy Team Lead Grows, Taylor Robert’s Lead Shrinks, Junior World Trophy Team Still Close

With only one day left, the Team USA World Trophy Team sits on the verge of winning the ISDE, something The United States has never done before. The team currently has a comfortable lead of just over three minutes and forty five seconds after Team Italy and Team Spain both did not fishing the day with a full four-man team. Spain was out before the race began when Ivan Cervantes didn’t start the day after a tough injury yesterday that had him go to the hospital in the evening. Manuel Monni of Italy broke his hand in the first test, dropping the second place team out. The US got word of these developments before racing the second test, so they rode the rest of the day knowing they had a lead of over three minutes. Team Manager Antti Kallonen had the riders back it down just a little, and told them to pay extra attention to keeping their bikes running good.

Taylor Robert accelerates in Cross Test
Taylor Robert has shown great speed every day.Photo by Pete Peterson

But while the team gained some breathing room, Taylor Robert’s battle for the top individual spot tightened up; which led to a challenge for Taylor to balance the two races he’s simultaneously competing in. Day 6 is only the Motocross Test, where each division competes in one moto, with the rider’s timed finish counting as the full score for that day. Taylor’s closest individual competitor is Daniel Sanders of Australia. With Sanders in the E3 class and Taylor in E2, the two will not meet on the moto track. Taylor’s moto will be just ahead of Sanders, who rides in the final moto of the event.

Taylor Robert
Taylor Robert has lead the individual overall since Day 2.Photo by Pete Peterson

Taylor’s day started rough with a big crash in the first test that damaged the left side of the bike, including his airbox cover and rear fender. He fixed his bike at the next service check and, having gotten the word before the second Test that Italy had lost a rider, got about half of the pressure lifted off him. With the team’s lead in good shape, he focused on his closest competitor for the individual overall, Daniel Sanders. With his crash he lost 7.27 of his 25.92 lead. He dropped a few more seconds over other tests but was happy to have beaten Sanders in the Enduro test. With the bikes in impound tonight, Taylor’s lead is locked at 12.1 seconds until the moto gates drop tomorrow.

Kailub Russell
Kailub Russell's overall speed is great.Photo by Pete Peterson

Kailub Russell sits in seventh in the individual standings and been a huge part of Team USA’s lead. He’s not content, though, and said the change he made to his fork (softened up the valving) put the bike a little out of balance. After getting the news of the Italian team being down a man he was focusing on just maintaining the team’s advantage. He picked the new Cross Test today as one of the most fun tests he’s ever ridden at any ISDE – it was mostly tilled-field turns on gently rolling hills with one raised section that brought a few jumps and drops to the Test. As for the Motocross test, like other riders have said, the track isn’t a true moto track and looks to be an interesting challenge with a gravel start and some corners running over asphalt.

Thad DuVall
Thad DuVall is the US World Trophy Rider in the E3 division, riding the open bike.Photo by Pete Peterson

The US’s E3 rider, Thad DuVall, had a great day yesterday but struggled a little today. He also had rear brake problems – similar to what he ran into on Day 1, and feels a big reason is that he’s probably over-using the rear brake to adapt to the lack of compression braking on the unfamiliar two-stroke. He also had a crash on the third test when he knifed the front end and went into the trees. But he recovered well, he sits 16th overall in the individual rankings, and he’s in good shape for tomorrow’s Motocross race.

Layne Michael
Layne Michael is building up steam as the event goes on.Photo by Pete Peterson

Layne Michael has gotten stronger with each passing day at this year’s event. He had zero crashes today but one close call in the final test that scared him and had him cruise in to finish the day carefully. He’s ready for the Motocross test tomorrow and feels good about his week, though he admits he was hoping for a slightly better performance. His accomplishments at the ISDE would rank on most people’s list of amazing when you consider he did not prepare specifically for this event, came on short notice, and this is essentially his first ISDE; he was on last year’s Junior World Team in Slovakia but crashed out before reaching the first Test.

Stu Baylor
Stu Baylor had a crash-free day today.Photo by Pete Peterson

Stu Baylor says his Six Days has mirrored that of the Junior team – up and down. His day started badly as he feels he lost a lot of time on the first two Tests. He didn’t have any crashes today but had a big one yesterday and is generally very bruised up from the five days of racing. His brother Grant started the race with a cold, and it seems Stu has caught it. So what he initially thought was allergies is likely a cold, and his body is struggling to fight that and keep up with recovering from the exertion he’s putting out on the course.

Grant Baylor
Grant Baylor lofts the wheel, what you can't see are deep tractor ruts. The tall plants didn't make picking a good line any easier.Photo by Pete Peterson

Grant Baylor, little brother to Stu and the one probably on the better side of the cold they both have, currently sits 19th overall in the individual overall standings. Who’s in 18th? His big brother. Both riders are in the E2 class, so they will be in the same Motocross moto tomorrow; but there likely won’t be any sibling rivalry for individual overall bragging rights between the two as just over thirty seconds separates them. For Day 5, like day 3, Grant got the better finishes between the two brothers. In fact, today Grant was the top rider on the US Junior team, second only to Stu on one test, and even on that Grant finished the test in tenth overall (Stu was 8th). Of the five tests today, Grant finished inside the top 20 overall on all but one of them.

Trevor Bollinger
Trevor Bollinger looks great in all the grass track turns.Photo by Pete Peterson

Trevor Bollinger currently sits in 36th position, a move up from 39th yesterday. Trevor just missed finishing in the top 20 on the final test today by one position (he missed 20th by one second). Trevor is a smooth rider and very rarely crashes, so look for more good and consistent performances from him tomorrow.

Tarah Gieger
Tarah Gieger leans into a berm near the beginning of the Cross Test at Larrago.Photo by Pete Peterson

The Women’s team is running with only two of their three riders, but they are still in the running since this division allows one dropped score per day. Tarah Gieger and Nicole Bradford look to have fourth place locked. With third-place Germany over 12 minutes ahead, that team is uncatchable without a double DNF in tomorrow’s Motocross. The US women lead fifth place Sweden by a comfortable six minutes, so barring any big problems tomorrow the women should wind up just missing the division podium by one position.

Josh Toth
Josh Toth has been impressive in Spain.Photo by Pete Peterson

Here’s the Club team update from Jubal Brown – For the most part, the Americans either held their ground or continued to climb the Club standings on Day 5. Josh Toth and Ben Kelley have a firm grasp on the C1 and C2 divisions, and Broc Hepler is still on the podium in C3. Nate Ferderer moved up a spot to 6th in C1 with another great ride today. JT Baker cracked the Top 10 in C2 today, and Ryan Powell sits just behind in 12th. In the overall Club Team standings, the USA inhabits 4 of the top 10 positions. The Trail Jesters team of Josh Toth, Ben Kelley, and Jason Klammer are in 2nd place, and the Eric Cleveland Memorial Team is right behind in third. Nate Ferderer, Ryan Powell, and JT Baker have carried the Missouri Mudders banner to 6th so far, and the Tony Agonis Memorial club members of Kale Elsworthy, AJ Lehr, and Joey Fiasconaro round out the top 10. And our resident “old guys” Dan Capparelli, Jayson Densley, and Brian Storrie have done the Elizabeth Scott Community 40+ team proud and sit 24th in the overall club division.

Layne Michael in Cross Test
Layne Michael flies through the one new test on Day 5, a Cross Test.Photo by Pete Peterson


  1. USA
  2. Great Britain +3:42.62
  3. Czech Republic +29:16.59
  4. Sweden +36:17.70
  5. Estonia +1:00:31.70


  1. Taylor Robert (E2)
  2. Daniel Sanders (E3) +12.10
  3. Josep Garcia Montana (E1) +36.09
  4. Giacomo Redondi (E3) +53.31
  5. Luis Correia (E3) +1:18.41


  1. Sweden
  2. United States +26.92
  3. Italy +4:00.55
  4. Finland +7:50.22
  5. France +9:23.50


  1. Australia
  2. Spain +3:34.42
  3. Germany +17:49.86
  4. USA +29:52.82
  5. Sweden +35:53.70