IMS Products Introduces Coolant Recovery Tank

Prevent fluid loss when bikes overheat

Forget topping off coolant every ride, this new Coolant Recovery Tank (CRT) prevents fluid loss when bikes overheat, as the fluid returns to the radiator when it cools automatically. Coolant loss can be detrimental to engine life and causes premature wear on motor components. The IMS CRT acts as a catch tank, saving the coolant from spilling out, and then returns it to the radiator when cooled. This convenient 5oz. tank has been tested with Factory KTM and Husqvarna and is an easy way to combat power loss and engine wear during overheating.

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Prevent fluid loss with the Coolant Recovery Tank for IMS Products for $99.40.Photo Courtesy of IMS Products

Coolant Recovery Tank
Price: $99.40
(800) 237-9906