Helinox Camp Chair And Table One Review

Carry along dual-sport comfort

Big Agnes Helinox Camp Chair and Table One
Big Agnes Helinox Camp Chair and Table One: $99.95 chair, $119.95 tableBob Theobald

Have you ever been on a daylong ride and you go to take a break for a snack or lunch and had to sit on a rock, a stump, or sit on the ground? You deal with your surroundings, eat your lunch, then continue your ride. Your lunch break isn’t much of a break. Or a chance to recharge for the second part of your ride.

On a recent riding trip, I took along the Helinox Camp Chair and Table One. They are distributed by Big Agnes and are designed to be light weight and ultra compact for all types of outdoor adventures. Engineered using shock corded aluminum legs and composite supports, they go together quickly and provide good strength and stability. The camp chair has a nice size seat and back, allowing you to kick back and relax. The table has two cupholders and has plenty of strength and room to set up lunch. Taking down is just as easy as setting up, and everything goes back into their storage bags without issue.

Big Agnes Helinox Camp Chair and Table One
Big Agnes Helinox Camp Chair and Table One packed awayBob Theobald

The table’s bag has some MOLLE (a.k.a. Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) style loops to help when strapping it to your bike or backpack. The chair’s bag does not have these loops; however, with the use of a couple of Rokstraps, I was able to secure both the table and chair across my seat and to the top of my saddlebags. My seating area looked cramped, but on the trail, I did not notice them and they stayed nice and secure.

I carried this setup for two days of riding (my riding buddies also carried Helinox Camp Chairs). On both days, when lunchtime came, we set up the chairs and table in minutes, sat down, and enjoyed lunch; day one in the pines overlooking a lake and day two on the bank of a creek. No sitting on a rock or in the dirt. It was awesome to be able to sit in a chair, and eat lunch with friends overlooking a beautiful location. After enjoying lunch, the chairs and table packed quickly and we were on our way again.

The Helinox Camp Chair and Table One are now two of my favorite dual-sport items. For any ride that will be over a few hours, I will be packing these along. For an all-day ride, I now consider these two items as must-carry dual-sport accessories. I won't leave home without them. —Bob Theobald

Rated: 90
Function: 49/50
Assembly/disassembly: 9/10
Durability: 9/10
Packability: 17/20
Price: 6/10