With his win over Graham Jarvis at this year’s Tennessee Knockout, plus recent podiums at Erzberg and Hell’s Gate Hard Enduros, Cody Webb has established himself as one of the premier extreme off-road racers in the world. Webb is at his best when the terrain is the toughest and he seems to have a knack for putting himself in uncomfortable situations. One can only imagine if the KTM factory rider were a travel agent:

“Hello, you need a vacation? How about four straight days of dragging your bike up a goat trail?” Or, “Want to dine with the stars at Carl’s Diner?” Maybe, “How ’bout three days in Istanbul on a voyage that takes you from sea level to the uppermost reaches of Mount Olympus, finished off with a romp through 100 meters of rocks?”

Probably doesn’t sound that appealing.

With Hard Enduros and extreme off-road racing becoming more and more popular, we had Webb, Graham Jarvis, David Knight, and Mario Roman give us a guided tour of the top Hard Enduro tourist attractions in the world. Here we talk about the first of six contests on the Hard Enduro calendar.

David Knight at Tough One Hard Enduro
David Knight during his winning ride at the Tough One Hard Enduro in 2014.Courtesy of Red Bull Content Pool

Michelin Tough One Extreme Enduro

January 28, 2018
Nantmawr Quarry, Wales, United Kingdom

David Knight:
At the Tough One, the laps are probably 10 minutes and it's a two-and-a-half hour race. It's a GNCC type of thing, but it's tougher. It's tough because it's muddy and riders get stuck all over the place. It's usually raining there every year. It's also tough because your grips are covered in mud; your gloves are covered in mud; your goggles are covered in mud; and you're tired. That's what makes it difficult. The track isn't so difficult, but you've got the elements against you and you have riders stuck all over the course.