Good Advice, Great Bike | Letter Of The Week

Danny T. writes us after a year of owning a Yamaha YZ250FX, see what he thinks about the bike here inside our Letter of the Week.

Yamaha YZ250FX
Yamaha YZ250FXPhoto by Chris Denison

I just wanted to give you some feedback on a bike I purchased in March of 2015. Yamaha had just come out with the YZ250FX model, and Dirt Rider did a review on it. I read all the information I could find on the bike and researched the Internet as well. I emailed DR with my concerns if I could use this bike on MX tracks with confidence, and you replied it would not be an issue. I am proud to say after one year on the bike I could not be happier! Every time I throw my leg over the bike and press the electric-start button I grin from ear to ear. Yamaha did a great job on this bike. Every time I am at the track someone always asks me how I like the bike, I smile and tell them I love it! I want to thank you at Dirt Rider. You gave me great info and good advice on my purchase.

Danny Thompson

Danny, this is me giving you a very enthusiastic virtual high five! Thanks for the great letter. It’s awesome that you are so pleased with our advice and your purchase. The YZ250FX is one of my favorite machines, and I am sure you will get many more years of great use out of it. Thanks for listening to us! —Chris Denison