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A quick look at new moto and off-road product that hit our shop this week.

SPY Omen MX with Happy Lens: $85 - $95

Spy Omen MX Goggle

Photo By Sean Klinger

Spy’s Omen MX goggle has all the features you would expect from premium level eye protection: ventilation system, anti-fog scratch resistant lens, four-layer “Isotron” face foam, moisture wicking fleece, and of course, 100 percent UV protection. But what makes these goggles different is what SPY calls their Happy Lens.

We are not ophthalmologists, but from what we gather, the Happy Lens is claimed to block UV rays and “short-wave blue” light that, according to studies, are harmful to our eyeballs. Conversely, the Happy Lens lets in “long-wave blue” light that is supposed to be beneficial to our eyes and, according to SPY who attributes many science studies on its website, can be beneficial to your mood, alertness, and circadian rhythm.

That is all well and good, but one side benefit of the Happy Lens is that it increases color saturation and contrast which makes differentiating different colors and textures easier. For motocross and off-road riders, this is an obvious plus.

FMF Factory Fatty/Shorty for YZ85: $229.99 pipe, $129.99 silencer

FMF Factory Fatty/Shorty Combo

Photo By Kris Keefer

There are few things more iconic than a full factory two-stroke pipe. While the FMF Factory Fatty isn’t a one-off custom cone-pipe, it still has more style than stock and has been designed to broaden and smooth out the YZ85s power. This is needed on most MX two-strokes, even more so on little race bikes where the powerband can be like violent spike of force.

The Shorty silencer is not only physically short in stature but is designed for tighter, shorter, more jumpy tracks. It has been designed to maximize bottom and mid-range power, allowing even a small smoker to be shifted earlier and to get a bit more torque to the ground.

JE Pistons Pro Series 13.5:1 High Compression Piston: $217.99

JE High Compression Piston

Photo By Kris Keefer

JE Pistons are used by some of the top race teams in motocross and supercross, and are a reputable source for quality engine products. We’ve used them in many project builds without issue. This particular piston has just been put in a ’16 CRF450R and is increasing the compression ratio from 12.5:1 to 13.5:1.

The purpose of increasing a bikes compression is to get a bigger “bang” on the power stroke and, therefore, increase performance. This performance increase is typically felt at all rpm, but more so from mid to top. While some people disagree, it is generally excepted that a high compression piston, like any motor mod, puts at least some extra degree of stress on a bikes engine and maintenance intervals should be shortened, at least to check for issues.

MSR Ultra Heavy Duty Tubes: $17.95 - $24.95

MSR Ultra Heavy Duty Tubes

Photo By Sean Klinger

There is no rider on the planet that likes to get pinch flats and there is a constant stream of innovation in “no flat” products. But sometimes, the old school methods can fit the bill just fine. By making tubes that are much thicker than stock/standard tubes, MSR offers their Ultra Heavy Duty Tubes that are much harder to pinch-flat.

But you might ask, “Why not just run mousses, or any of the other no-flat systems?” Well, each product or system has their pros and cons. One of the main pros for Ultra Heavy Duty tubes is that they are just a replacement for stock tubes requiring no modification, extra steps, extra effort, or special machines to use, unlike Tubliss or mousses. You can just pop these in like a normal tube. Secondly, just like a normal tube, you can change the air pressure for different riding conditions, unlike mousses. Lastly, they are waaaaay cheaper than any other flat-prevention product. That being said, these in no way guaranty that these won’t pinch flat, they are just much less likely to do so.

Dubya USA Carbon Talon Hubs and D.I.D Rims: $Contact Dubya USA for pricing

Dubya Wheels with Talon Carbon Hubs and D.I.D Rims

Photo By Kris Keefer

Everyone knows that blinged-out hubs, fresh rims, new spokes, and billet spoke nipples are just plain cool, but they have a practical purpose as well. Many aftermarket rims are designed to be stronger than stock, and after a gnarly, high-speed desert race on stock rims, you’d be amazed at how many dings your wheels will have. D.I.D makes heavy duty rims that withstand the rigors of off-road racing and supercross alike. They also make super lightweight rims that are for the rider looking for maximum weight savings.

As far as hubs go, billet aluminum and especially carbon fiber are much lighter than stock hubs, so it is all about saving unsprung weight with those. Lastly, there are a lot of things you can change with spokes. Most people don’t give it a second thought, but spoke thickness can change the way the whole bike handles. By changing spoke thickness, front wheel flex changes which effects turning and handling. Some riding want gnarly thick, stiff spokes for no flex while other want as much compliance as possible.

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