The New Website - Bigger, Faster, Stronger

Photos by Drew Ruiz

After a long construction process riddled with a few square-edged binary-bumps and several months of arduous digital labor, the Dirt Rider team is pleased to present to you the new and improved!

We’ll admit it: our old website stunk worse than one of Ryan Dungey’s boots after a 45-minute outdoor moto in 100-degree heat. But thankfully, the old site is now a thing of the past and from its putrid ashes has risen the website that you now see before you. Yes, there are going to be changes, fixes, revisions and edits in the coming days and even weeks; there’s a ton of data attached to the URL and our engineering team has done an expert job of getting it all categorized, but there will undoubtedly be things that we still need to tweak. Rest assured, though, that the website is fully operational, and we appreciate your patience as we continue to refine our revamped digital medium.

What can you expect in the coming weeks and months? We’ll be working to strengthen our already-strong Dirt Rider Buyer’s Guide with even more new bike categories, models and information. Additionally, we’ll be revving up our Gear Buyer’s Guide and will work to connect the information therein with the massive backlog of product tests that we have on hand. And of course, we’ll continue to roll out fresh, new weekly content and exclusive online features, along with plenty of cool extras from the magazine. And let’s not forget about the epic assortment of social networks that you can now use to connect with Dirt Rider, from Facebook to Twitter and everything in between!

So sit back, relax and feel free to explore the various features and components of our all-new site. And as always, thanks for being a Dirt Rider reader.

Podium speech: Huge props go out to Marc Bartell, Greg Morrow, Norb Garrett, Jeff Kimmel, Jason Holmes, Lindsey Lovell, Elisabeth Murray, Rishi Kumar, Damian Ercole and the rest of the awesome GrindMedia and crew for making the new site a reality!