The 30th Annual Nevada 200 Trail Ride Photo Gallery & Video

The Dirt Rider crew enjoyed an epic three days of trail riding on the 30th Annual Nevada 200. Check out a sampling of what the ride has to offer and if you didn’t make it this year, get yourself, your buddies and your bike and head to Caliente, Nevada next year!

Wheelies through water are always a good time.
The Nevada 200 falls near Easter every year so of course there is an Easter egg hunt!
Nevada has a few rocks.
VP Fuels hooks every participant up with five gallons of quality fuel.
150 entries multiplied by five gallons each…equals a lot of free gas!
Boothy doing some early morning maintenance.
It’s a trail ride with great views, why not stop to smell the flowers?
The Dave Chase memorial is always a popular rest stop for those who know where it is.
Take an ex Dirt Rider staffer on a ride and you’ve got trouble. Jesse Ziegler.
It looked like a yard sale out of the back of the Dirt Rider Dodge.
For Sale: Vet owned, never raced, just needs the carb cleaned.
Three bikes, three riders, three bags and three days of good riding.
The BLM representative for the area can spit some sweet rhymes.
The terrain is ever changing on the Nevada 200.
Beta’s Nick Burson came out to show trail riders how to ride trails fast, and of course show off the beard.
This guy will try and sell you some Motion Pro goodies. Go ahead and let him, they make cool product.
The Beta crew showed up in force and had a great time. “Yes! I’m number one! Did I win the trail ride?”
Klim always shows up and has their equivalent to a sidewalk sale, except it is in the grass next to a van.
Boothy living large in Caliente, where it was far from warm.
The Best In The Desert mascot, looking a bit stiff.
A stunning group of 2014 participants.