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The whiz-kid of freestyle motocross triumphed in his first appearance at the third annual Red Bull X-Fighters in Spain's biggest and oldest bullfighting arena. Travis Pastrana wowed the jury and 23,000 fans while the Superman Backflip by his American colleague Nate Adams was a world premiere.On the night of July 15th, eight of the world's best freestyle motocrossers transformed Spain's oldest and largest bullring into a freestyle funny farm. With 23,000 fans cheering them on, four Americans and four Europeans set off a fireworks display of the most daring stunts.The two 20-year-old Americans wrote FMX history this evening as Pastrana and Adams delivered the undisputed highlights of a spectacular evening: Pastrana's Flatspin 360, Nac-Nac Backflip and Can-Can Backflip were the first of their kind on European soil, and his Grandstand Jump from the Crowd to Backflip on the Dirt Lip with a No Hander Landing and his No Hander Backflip impressed both the judges, which included "Mad" Mike Jones, and the 23,000 enthusiastic fans. And in the three-rider final, Nate Adams scored a notable world premiere by pulling off the first Superman Backflip in FMX competition.The duel between Europe and the USA was clearly dominated by the Americans: Travis Pastrana landed in front of Nate Adams, Ronnie Renner and Mike Metzger. Fifth place went to the best European, the Spanish national hero Edgar Torronteras, who was followed by England's Kris Brock, Spain's Dani Torres and Italy's Stefano Minguzzi.FINAL RESULTS
** Red Bull X-Fighters 2004
1.** Travis Pastrana-USA
2. Nate Adams-USA
3. Ronnie Renner-USA
4. Mike Metzger-USA
5. Edgar Torronteras-ESP
6. Kris Brock-UK
7. Dani Torres-ESP
8. Stefano Minguzzi-ITA